My Amazon Guy

The Pains of an Amazon Seller

January 21, 2023
My Amazon Guy
The Pains of an Amazon Seller
Show Notes

The Pains of an Amazon Seller

00:00 Introduction
00:47 How does a low IPI score affects how many products show up?
01:37 Pointing out every seller’s common problem
02:09 Why Amazon is screwing over Matt’s best-seller product because his IPI score went down 02:25 Some suggestions to resolve this problem
03:25 When to decide to liquidate
04:03 Make a compelling case to ask Amazon to override the situation 
04:38 The secondary account scenario is probably a fast-acting solution 
05:36 Having multiple accounts does not violate any Amazon terms
06:24 Why using a secondary account is a potential way to take advantage of the Christmas rush 
07:13 Check smart scout or other sellers who are willing to do a favor to keep you in stock
08:09 Arrange a shipment
09:04 Avoiding getting out of stock
09:40 Creating a second or multiple accounts on Amazon
10:30 A piece of advice to somebody who's thinking of starting on Amazon
10:59 Having a better product research
12:00 Verify your selected products on Helium 10
12:22 Keep the best-selling product
13:08 Steven Pope’s recommendation
13:27 Proceed with the toys (create another account)
14:12 What to do with all the stocks at the 3pl
14:59 Selling the inventory
15:23 Steven Pope recommends “The Brokerage Quiet Light” 
15:39 Posting the product organically
16:24 Joining an entrepreneur network that had failed project and immediately snowballed into a successful one
16:45 “You'll make better decisions if you learn by making mistakes” 
17:14 Reach out Matt at
18:18 Matt recommends My Amazon Guy services
18:43 “Amazon is a woke platform”
19:04 Getting rid of the bad ASINs and or liquidating the inventory
19:47 The preference point, Matt's decision
20:09 My Amazon Guy is not the right place for “closing things down”
20:45 Amazon costs you money when you get rid of your inventory
21:44 The best example interview of "when things don't go perfectly"
22:07 Join Steven Pope every Thursday at noon for a LIVE Q&A

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