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Best Practices to Change Legal Entity - My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A with Faith Denniston 12.09.2022

January 24, 2023
My Amazon Guy
Best Practices to Change Legal Entity - My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A with Faith Denniston 12.09.2022
Show Notes

00:00 My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A with Faith Denniston 12.09.2022
10:49 Some keyword’s CPC are higher than the actual bid
11:43 When do you think restocking inventory limits will go away?
12:45  Do I need to state my full brand name at the beginning of listing title?
13:37 Sales volume data not showing on H10’s plugin
16:10 How to check how much are we spending on individual ASINS?
18:30 What do do when your brand got removed from brand registry
19:40 What’s the best way to raise price without being flagged by Amazon?
20:42 Publishing your business name on the new seller forum
21:42 Best practices to change legal entity on my seller account?
23:30 Setting up shopping ads for Amazon listing on Google
25:47 Changing name and legal entity
26:29 Why keywords indexing dropped from 700+ keywords to 500
28:08 Difference between online arbitrage and wholesale?
29:22 Getting a good sales 
30:32 Getting your BSR
31:36 Asking signatures during delivery
32:29 Getting listing rank again
34:55 Amazon reduced restock limit and deleted shipment, but UPS showed up
36:00 How to find profitable products for FBA wholesale in USA marketplace?
38:29 500 units were sent, but only 448 available in inventory. Need to request reconciliation
39:36 Getting reviews on Vine
40:20 What TAX services would you recommend for a first time seller?
42:03 Recommended launch strategies
44:03 PPC campaigns impact organic ranking
44:53 How to move your rank on top
47:07 Is Programmatic advertising efficient?
48:33 Does PPC costs increase after January?
49:48 Getting an error while reuploading corrected SKUs
51:24 Any strategies for changing the product feed type of an ASIN?
53:34 Any advice for getting out of stock on FBA and turning on FBM
55:01 Creating a virtual bundle with 2 FBA ASINS
56:20 Amazon groups bullets under a collapsed section “About this Item”, is this bad for SEO?
57:38 What is a good budget for daily ads on Amazon?
1:01:35 Are keywords indexing on A+ plain text or only in the alt text in the picture?
1:02:00 Any suggestions for getting brand approvals?
1:03:52 De-ranking an out of stock child variation
1:04:49 Getting verified with Arrange Video Call with Amazon
1:06:58 Is wholesaling even worth it on Amazon?
1:08:19 What to do when going out of stock?
1:10:20 How much time would it take to bring back sales and rank after being out of stock?
1:11:13 What to do when listings were removed because of policy violations
1:13:08 Will organic ranking of a keyword improve for Video ads
1:14:38 Do slower selling child products drag down the performance of other child products in a variation?
1:16:13 Tips to get fully refreshed inventory catalog download file from Amazon
1:18:07 Having issues with limited inventory limits
1:20:18 Advice for a beginner who has chose the wrong product for a private label
1:22:17 Having 2EBCs for same ASIN, how to make sure I activate the newest one
1:23:11 Can’t change price on listing

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