My Amazon Guy

What Are Your Top Amazon KPI?

January 28, 2023
My Amazon Guy
What Are Your Top Amazon KPI?
Show Notes

00:00 What Are Your Top Amazon KPI?
10:11 Introduction
11:13 Age of Sage newly launch products
11:49 It’s possible to launch a product without using external traffic
12:45 Legal entity best practices
19:32 What qualifies for a Premium A+ content submission
25:58 Tips in merging ASINs and changing UPCs
30:06 How to un-enroll on brand registry
37:16 Process of fixing listing (particularly in a toy category) at risk of removal
42:45 When will they ease up the restocking restrictions on all Amazon FBA accounts?
44:09 Why brand registry gets rejected
47:08 BSR not showing up
59:52 Best-selling tips for the last 2 weeks before Christmas
1:00:41 Where will a 15% referral fee apply?
1:01:02 Is it worth it to sell ladies clothes fashion on Amazon?
1:02:12 Running an a/b tests on Standard A+ vs Premium A+ on Momstir Gift Set
1:02:45 Tips for gun-related accessories product
1:05:18 Best option to display a product with patent
1:05:43 Name showing up on the FSKU
1:07:01 Seller executive email to escalate Amazon seller’s problem
1:07:33 Is it possible to cross 7 figure in Amazon Wholesale in a year?
1:08:00 Filing a trademark with My Amazon Guy
1:08:53 What are your top KPIs on Amazon?
1:13:03 What’s the current check in tim at Amazon warehouses?
1:13:48 Adding “fragile” via flat file
1:14:39 Dealing with listing problem
1:15:21 Buybox getting disable with new listing
1:15:32 Can I parent two ASINs with different brands?
1:16:16 Do you believe bullet points 6 to 10 help in ranking and indexing?
1:17:06 If i wanted to change the name of my LLC with the state, would this cause issues with Amazon?
1:17:27 Ranking up organically through sales
1:18:16 Can I remove Child ASINS from a parent and link them to a new Parent?
1:18:40 Inventory stuck in FC transfer because of Christmas rush
1:19:08 If Amazon messed up your shipment check out
1:19:50 What keywords to include in your title
1:21:11 Dealing with lost buy box
1:21:45 Creating a new Amazon and forget about the 15 year old account
1:21:58 Does children products always require "Child Product Certificate" for clothing for example
1:22:17 Can u move a ASIN from a household category to the HANDMADE category (approved from handmade)
1:22:59 Is below 20 or above a good ACOS?
1:24:22 Being eligible for PPC internship
1:25:58 Type in "Amazon Catalog Management" in the comment section

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