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What is BSR - Why It Matters and How To Improve It - My Amazon Guy Friday Q&A - 12.16.2022

January 29, 2023
My Amazon Guy
What is BSR - Why It Matters and How To Improve It - My Amazon Guy Friday Q&A - 12.16.2022
Show Notes

00:00 My Amazon Guy Friday Q&A w/ Jason Mastromatteo & Faith Denniston
09:55 Introduction
11:33 A Helium 10 update, a new feature on Cerebro which shows historical trend
13:21 ​An FBA product landed cost / Amazon charges add up to more than market selling price
15:36 When to add daily budget and optimize bids
17:01 Criteria Amazon using to display social posts
20:42 Bid higher to get more impressions
21:57 When do holiday Q4 sales start to trend down from the spike? 
24:23 Supplement category requires short title of product listing
27:47 Using background pictures convert better
32:36 Coffee mug product landed on the “books” category
34:53 What is BSR - why it matters and how to improve it?
38:22 Can you add a video to a product without having one of your images get cut off on the carousel?
38:43 Newly product launch got a 1 star rating with no purchases
39:42 Managing refunds in FBA wholesale business
41:57 How to get a client
43:51 Is the title field weighted equally when it comes to search relevancy compared to generic keyword field from an SEO point of view?
45:47 Testing main photo to see if it gets flagged or not
47:24 Freight forwarder recommendation 
48:30 How to fix an SKU that does not match any ASIN and contains invalid value(s) for attributes required for creation of a new ASIN?
51:03 GS1 barcodes issue
52:09 ​What is the "Global Promotion Sales" in the top right of the SC home page?
53:06 About rule base bidding
55:18 My Amazon Guy’s project based or full service contract
57:47 Showing videos on Amazon product listing
58:50 Downloading a flat file template
1:01:02 Received first ip complaint, is it something to worry about?
1:02:17 Getting brand registry vs selling generic
1:06:05 Why sales are lower on weekend?
1:07:22  In the dashboard "Final Sales" is that the total after Amazon fees (Net), or gross?
1:08:50 Doing FBM because of restocking limits
1:09:37 Current check in time at Amazon warehouses
1:11:12 When to ease up restocking restrictions?
1:12:37 Using trademark in advertising keywords but not SEO
1:14:21 Changing brand name on Amazon
1:16:30 How do you all track the PPC split test?
1:17:20 Best option to add products to campaigns in bulk
1:18:40 Videos keep switching
1:19:08 Does Amazon consider it a "stock out" if FBA runs out but I still have FBM readily available for the same ASIN?
1:19:52 The future of Amazon FBA?
1:21:46 Can we rank old listing product with low demand?
1:22:36 How to decide what should be the sourcing price for new FBA product?
1:24:57 Updating search terms in variation
1:26:58 Does Amazon artificially limit accounts? 
1:30:03 Relaunching an ASIN
1:31:02 Indexing keywords
1:33:39 Does your stock level effect how much Amazon shows your ads?
1:35:55 Listing closed because we’ve run out of stock, can it still be able to receive reviews?

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