My Amazon Guy

WTF?! Auction Based FBA Storage??!?? [Amazon News]

March 02, 2023
My Amazon Guy
WTF?! Auction Based FBA Storage??!?? [Amazon News]
Show Notes

00:00 Starting on March 1, 2023, you have to bid for your FBA storage on Amazon.
00:16 New Capacity Manager showing new FBA capacity limit
00:58 Storage Capacity Increase Request
01:15 Bidding System is broken
02:58 Expiration of the date of request
03:26 Amazon came out with IPI; if you have a bad IPI then you have no unlimited storage
03:40 Restock limits came after the pandemic hits
04:29 Amazon is completely understaffed
05:06 Restock Limits sucks so bad
05:17 Steven cannot believe that he has to bid every month on his total capacity limits

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