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Merging ASINs & Changing UPCs Tips & Tricks

March 17, 2023
My Amazon Guy
Merging ASINs & Changing UPCs Tips & Tricks
Show Notes

00:00 Merging ASINs & Changing UPCs Tips & Tricks
01:23 Attributes didn’t match on the duplicated SKU
01:46 Manually duplicate SKUs by copying the listing
02:18 Duplicate ASIN for FBM and FBA
03:18 For changing UPC, click on the copy listing button then fill in the new UPC
03:35 Changing the brand name of a legacy ASIN
04:16 Unenroll the brand registry for the old brand, file a ticket for the brand name change
05:00 Sign in to Amazon Brand Registry click brand registry
06:05 Make changes on the backend of brand registry
06:27 Ways to unenroll your brand: Step #1 - Do a template upload
06:56 Step 2- File a brand registry ticket and make a change in the attribute
07:15 Step 3- File a ticket to the troubleshooting catalog team
08:21 Changing a brand name is easier than it was before
08:47 Fixing the problem of another seller contribution
09:41 Dealing with Seller Support
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