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How's your Amazon listing going?

May 20, 2023 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
How's your Amazon listing going?
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00:00 How's your Amazon listing going?
00:13 Keywords are low; only 329 organic keywords.
01:05 Recommended a one to two ratio for everyone sponsored to two organic keywords.
01:12 Sorted keywords by the most frequently searched.
01:19 Baby high chair, online shopping, shopping cart, and toddler chair are frequently searched keywords.
01:24 Organic rank is on the far-right column.
01:28 Online shopping is indexed.
01:33 Shopping cart cover for baby is ranked well.
01:39 High chair covers for baby keyword is ranked 101, and it brought in almost two million dollars in the past 30 days.
02:59 Another listing is selling more because they have almost 3,800 organic keywords and 300 sponsor keywords.
03:38 20 of the keywords are ranked in spots 20 through 50.
04:06 Images are not high resolution.
04:28 Images look a little blurry.
05:00 Title should be closer to 200 characters.
05:02 Bullet points should be 250 characters each.
05:15 Frequently used words should be integrated into bullet points to grow Organics.
05:25 Log in to Seller Central and fill out the product description with brand story and logo.
05:48 Example of a carousel brand story for a brand called age of sage.

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