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Amazon Revoked Brand Registry, Products Now Link to Competitors!

September 02, 2023 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon Revoked Brand Registry, Products Now Link to Competitors!
Show Notes

Steven Pope shares the latest update on his struggle with Amazon's sudden brand registry removal and reveals the significant damage done to his brand, Age of Sage, due to this unexpected development.

Clicking on his listings now directs customers to the search results page instead of his Brand store, disrupting customer experience, leading to lost sales, and other various issues including redirecting to other stores.

Amazon's lack of clear communication and the removal of thousands of attorneys from Brand Registry have created a chaotic situation for sellers. He highlights the need for Amazon to address these issues and provides a glimpse into the challenges Amazon sellers face.

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0:00 losing brand registry and its impact
0:11 Competitors ads and other brands products
0:39 Broken links
1:20 Amazon Seller Support Delays 
2:29 Removal of thousands of attorneys and brands

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