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Amazon Enforcing Brand Name Permanently Affixed - Removing Brand Registries

September 08, 2023 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon Enforcing Brand Name Permanently Affixed - Removing Brand Registries
Show Notes

Ensure your brand is safe on Amazon with Steven Pope. Listen as, Steven dives into the importance of permanently affixed branding on your product packaging.

Amazon has tightened its rules around branding, and merely using stickers or labels won't cut it anymore. He explains how brands are being removed from Amazon's Brand Registry due to inadequate packaging branding. He highlights the risks this poses to sellers and offers a practical solution โ€“ using permanently affixed labels on your products.

He also provides insights into dealing with other potential reasons for Brand Registry removal, such as blacklisted lawyers and how to prepare for the appeal process.

If you're an Amazon seller, protecting your brand is crucial. Don't miss this informative video that provides essential advice to help you navigate Amazon's ever-evolving rules and maintain your brand's integrity.

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0:00 Importance of Brand Logo on Packaging
0:41 Crackdown on Brand Registry Compliance
1:06 Reasons for Brand Removal
1:24 Introducing New Packaging Label Design
2:15 Enforcement Across Categories
2:59 Recovery After Brand Removal
4:03 Study Materials

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