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My Amazon Guy Wednesday ARL with John Aspinall - Dec 20, 2023

January 01, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
My Amazon Guy Wednesday ARL with John Aspinall - Dec 20, 2023
Show Notes

Transform your Amazon listings LIVE with John Aspinall!

Are your ASINs underperforming? Leave sales and growth opportunities on the table? Not anymore!

Join John Aspinall LIVE as he reviews ASIN listings submitted by sellers like YOU.

John will show you how to:
↳ Optimize your specific ASIN for maximum visibility
↳ Identify proven sales and profit strategies
↳ Elevate overall performance as a seller
↳ Fine-tune your Amazon strategy for long-term gains

This is your chance to get your ASIN reviewed by a true expert and take your success to new heights!

Join us and witness your Amazon business transform before your eyes. The potential is waiting - it's time to unlock it!


00:00 - Countdown
10:25 - Discussing the Guest's Introduction
15:05 - Analyzing the First Amazon Product Listing
27:01 - Analyzing the Second Amazon Product Listing
30:14 - Nitro Gloves Listing Review
30:55 - Product Features and Benefits
32:21 - Amazon PPC Strategies
35:12 - Handling International Sellers and Retail Arbitrage
43:02 - Review of Glove Listing
53:30 - A+ Content and Brand Story Suggestions
55:10 - Seller Central Questions
56:22 - Product Packaging and Presentation
59:04 - Product Age and Material Details
1:00:43 - Building a Better Mouse Trap
1:02:55 - The Difference Between a Need and a Want
1:04:44 - AB Testing and Feedback
1:05:38 - Hiring Process and Company Culture
1:08:37 - Customer Perception and Image Presentation
1:11:41 - Coaching and Training Options
1:13:57 - Upcoming Podcast Reminder for Friday

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