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My Amazon Guy Wednesday ARL with John Aspinall - Jan 3, 2024

January 04, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
My Amazon Guy Wednesday ARL with John Aspinall - Jan 3, 2024
Show Notes

Start 2024 Right: Improve Your Amazon Listings with John Aspinall's ASIN Review Live!

Are your Amazon products not selling as much as you'd like? It's time to change that!

Join John Aspinall LIVE as he reviews Amazon products listed by sellers like you and show you how to make them better.

Here’s what John will help you with:
↳ Making your product easy to find on Amazon
↳ Tips for selling more and earning more
↳ Improving how you sell on Amazon
↳ Planning better strategies for the whole year

Get your ASINs reviewed and make 2024 your best sales year yet!

Come watch and see how you can make your Amazon store better. There's a lot of potential – let's unlock it together!


00:00 - Opening Music and Countdown
09:58 - Introduction to ARL (AC Review Live)
10:09 - Host’s New Space and Updates
11:06 - Recap of Recent PPC AMA Session
11:17 - Live AC Review Begins: Viewer Submissions
12:27 - Discussion on Manual vs. Automated PPC Management
12:34 - Helium 10 for Email Automation Inquiry
13:15 - Strategies for Getting More Reviews
13:55 - New Year, New Changes: Glasses and Beverage Choice
14:06 - Frequency of Content Update on Amazon
14:24 - Example of Seasonal Merchandising for Amazon Products
16:02 - Deep Dive into Product Listing: Desk Example
20:01 - Using Canva for Seasonal Merchandising
21:08 - Questions from Viewers: Amazon Email Policies, Inventory Removal
21:22 - Review of a Viewer's Product Listing
22:59 - Viewer Questions on Product Listings and Strategy
24:05 - Live Demonstration: Improving Product Images on Canva
29:06 - Additional Viewer Questions and Listing Reviews
33:14 - Discussing Retail Arbitrage as a Business Model
36:32 - Live Review of Fitness Equipment Listing
38:02 - Viewer Questions on Product Categories and Niche Markets
40:42 - Live Review of Kitchen Drawer Organizer
41:47 - Evaluating the Market for Water Bottles
43:49 - Feedback on Busy Board Monor Product Listing
47:47 - Discussion on the Knife Market for Beginners
50:27 - Live Review of a Water Bottle Product Listing
53:36 - Continued Feedback on Busy Board Monor Listing
55:01 - Closing Remarks and Information on My Amazon Guy Services

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