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My Amazon Guy Friday Live Q&A with Faith Denniston and Thomas Fitzgibbons

January 05, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
My Amazon Guy Friday Live Q&A with Faith Denniston and Thomas Fitzgibbons
Show Notes

Kickstart the New Year with a Bang on Amazon! Join our first Friday Live Q&A of the year with Faith Denniston and Thomas Fitzgibbons – it's the ultimate Amazon power-up you've been waiting for.

Welcome to 2024's First Friday AMA: It's not just a Q&A, it's a treasure trove of Amazon strategies and insights.

Navigate the Amazon maze:
→ Get live, expert advice straight from the pros.
→ Find real-time solutions to kick off your year successfully on Amazon.

Your first power move for 2024:
→ Learn cutting-edge tactics.
→ Connect with fellow Amazon warriors.
→ Turbocharge your e-commerce strategy for the year ahead.

This Friday, it's more than leveling up:
→ It's about setting the pace for the year.
→ Be a game-changer in the Amazon marketplace.

Join us and be part of the Amazon revolution. Don't just witness the change; be the change.

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00:00 - Intro: My Amazon Guy Podcast Announcement
10:00 - Introduction and New Year Greetings
10:26 - Discussion on Personal New Year's Resolutions
11:02 - Casual Conversation on Lifestyle Changes
13:04 - Chatting About Fast Food Preferences
14:03 - Transition to Amazon Q&A Session
14:25 - Addressing Member Questions: Amazon Advertising Payments
17:08 - Discussion on Amazon Affiliate Program and Creator Connection
20:11 - Query on Combining Products Under One Parentage in Health and Household Category
23:06 - Ideal Image File Size Ratio for Mobile Visibility
25:16 - Addressing More Member Questions: New Products in New Release Section
27:05 - Insights on Posting Videos on Amazon Brand Store
30:38 - Amazon Q4 Season and Its Implications
30:56 - Analyzing the Search Query Performance Report
39:47 - Discussing Golf Cart Wheel Images on Amazon
45:00 - Handling Customer Complaints and Returns on Amazon
48:42 - Google Ads Strategy: Directing Clicks to Amazon vs. Website
55:20 - Access and Future of Amazon Posts for Customers
1:00:01 - Optimizing Sponsored Brand and Product Campaigns
1:02:18 - Handling Listing Takeovers and Counterfeit Issues
1:09:57 - Addressing Brand Registry Application Rejections
1:15:45 - Resolving UPC Code Issues with Amazon
1:20:10 - Understanding "Discount by Amazon" Promotions
1:22:28 - Effectiveness of Amazon's Transparency Program in Combating Counterfeits
1:31:13 - Addressing High ACOS in PPC Campaigns

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