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Grow an Agency AMA Live with Steven Pope - Jan 9, 2024

January 09, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Grow an Agency AMA Live with Steven Pope - Jan 9, 2024
Show Notes

Join us live for an engaging Agency AMA session with Steven Pope on January 9 at 1PM ET!

Helpful Reminders:
→ Ask Steven your burning questions live by accessing this Streamyard link:
→ Ensure your mic and camera are ready if you're stepping onto the virtual stage.
→ You can also type your questions into the chatbox during the stream.

Learn strategies to scale your business with more clients and a better operation from leading experts! Attend the My Agency Guy Summit happening on January 9-10, 2024.
Visit the link to secure your ticket:

Ever wondered about the nitty-gritty of running a successful agency? Ask Steven anything during our live session and get answers in real-time.

Set your alarms and notifications so you don't miss out!

This is an invaluable opportunity for digital and Amazon agencies ready to make big moves. Whether you're starting fresh or scaling up, there's something here for you.

Don't just be a part of the conversation—lead it. Grow your agency empire with proven strategies from the front lines.

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00:00 - Introduction and Overview of My Agency Guy Service
05:02 - Details on Today's Show Format
09:52 - Start of Live AMA: Agency Growth and Challenges
11:12 - Offering Additional Services and Summit Information
11:18 - Introduction of First Guest: Thomas from Shipux LLC
12:02 - Thomas Discusses His Business and Expansion Goals
13:24 - Host Offers Business Expansion Strategies
16:02 - Discussing Affiliate Relationships and Networking
17:25 - Introduction of Next Guest: Josh from Seattle
17:44 - Josh's Query on Managing Multiple Amazon Accounts
19:05 - Detailed Discussion on Account Management Techniques
20:24 - Addressing Account Suspension Concerns
21:46 - Tips on Password Management and Employee Turnover
24:41 - Introduction of Another Guest
24:54 - Guest Shares His Progress and Seeks Advice
27:46 - Strategies for Handling Demanding Clients
29:29 - Preparing for Transition to Full-time Agency Work
30:01 - Managing Time and Client Expectations
32:39 - Tips on Navigating Client Relationships and Expansion
34:13 - More on Amazon EU Expansion Challenges
35:46 - Overview of the My Agency Guy Summit
37:00 - Discussion on Acquiring Clients and Business Expansion
38:04 - Insights on Effective Website Setup and Lead Generation
38:51 - Strategies for Building a Potential Client Database
39:05 - Exploring CRM Options for Agency Management
42:43 - Discussion on Handling Challenging Clients and Business Scalability
43:55 - Exploring Amazon and Walmart Services for Agency Expansion
44:42 - Tips for Creating Engaging Content and Scaling an Agency
45:46 - Strategies for Closing Deals and Managing Client Expectations
47:00 - Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Expanding Services
48:56 - Identifying and Focusing on Core Services for Agency Growth
50:44 - Additional Insights on Agency Growth and Diversification
51:05 - Discussion on Previous Amazon Business Experience and Contemplating New Ventures
52:20 - Insights on Deciding Between Starting an Amazon Agency, New Product Line, or a YouTube Channel
54:58 - Evaluating Skills and Determining Agency Direction
57:14 - Exploring Different Business Models and Approaches for Agencies
1:03:00 - Emphasizing the Importance of Creating Content and Sharing Expertise
1:04:55 - Exploring Various Approaches to Agency Growth and Client Management
1:06:00 - Conversations with Agency Owners About Business Development and Client Acquisition
1:08:04 - Discussing Revenue Share Models and Negotiating Client

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