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My Amazon Guy Friday Live Q&A with Faith Denniston and Jason Mastromatteo - Jan 12, 2024

January 18, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
My Amazon Guy Friday Live Q&A with Faith Denniston and Jason Mastromatteo - Jan 12, 2024
Show Notes

Who says you can't dominate Amazon? Not us. Join the Friday Live Q&A with Faith Denniston and Jason Mastromatteo to prove them wrong!

This isn't just another Q&A session: It's a goldmine of Amazon wisdom. 

Cut through the Amazon clutter: 
→ Live expert advice at your fingertips. 
→ Real-time solutions to your Amazon dilemmas. 

Your weekly Amazon power-up: 
→ Learn, connect, and turbocharge your e-commerce game. 

Every Friday is a chance to level up: 
→ Don't just watch the game, change the game. 

Be there or be square. Let's unlock your Amazon potential together! 

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00:00 - Introduction and Countdown
10:02 - Podcast Topic Introduction
10:30 - Starting with Amazon Seller Questions
10:53 - Amazon News Update: Documentation Support Changes
11:43 - Amazon Category Trends Analysis Tools
14:23 - Addressing Helium 10 Billing Issue and Rebuilding Listings
15:56 - Dealing with Amazon FBA Shipment and Delivery Issues
18:22 - Karen's PPC Strategy Inquiry and Recommendations
24:42 - Touchstone's Question on Shipping Large Products in Two Boxes
26:58 - Josh's Pricing Strategy and Buy Box Concerns
30:42 - Rosen's Question on Tracking Changes in Seller Central by Different Users
34:35 - Superfrog's Inquiry about Product Reviews and Amazon Vine Program
39:03 - Blain's Question on Price Suppression and Increasing Product Price
41:02 - Rosen's Query on Swapping Non-GS1 UPCs with GS1 UPCs
44:35 - All's Question on Scaling Sales and Improving Profitability on Amazon
47:01 - Superfrog's Second Inquiry about Adding a Second SKU to Avoid Commingling
50:43 - Vara's Question on QR Codes for Warranty and Collecting Emails
53:00 - Keen Brands' Query on Updating Brand Name on Amazon Listing
56:04 - Faith's Insights on Ideal Product Listing Images
58:17 - Superfrog's Follow-up on SKU Labeling Error and Inventory Check-in
1:00:58 - Discussion on QR Codes for Customer Engagement
1:01:29 - Identifying Real Suppliers and Getting Permissions for Quality Brands
1:03:17 - Issues with Catalog Listings Report Processing
1:03:35 - Advice on QR Codes for Amazon Reviews and Alternative Review Strategies
1:04:45 - Building Effective Product Listing Images
1:09:34 - Amazon Posts: Where to Find Them
1:09:57 - Handling Inventory Labeling Errors and SKU Confusion
1:13:53 - Caution on Using Email Addresses in QR Codes
1:14:27 - Wrapping Up: Services Offered by My Amazon Guy

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