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Effective PPC Optimization Techniques for Better ROI

January 19, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Effective PPC Optimization Techniques for Better ROI
Show Notes

In this video, Matt Davis, together with Mina Elias, CEO of Trivium Group, share their wisdom on analyzing and cleaning up your accounts, optimizing for profitability, strategic budget allocation, campaign naming conventions, and much more. 

Discover how to effectively manage ad groups, refine keyword strategies, and leverage placement tactics for maximum impact. Whether you're scaling up or focusing on conversion rates, this video offers actionable insights for every level of PPC proficiency. 

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00:00 - Assessing New PPC Accounts: Key Metrics and Analysis
00:29 - Account Cleanup Strategy and Scaling vs. Optimizing
00:47 - PPC Optimization: Portfolios and Campaign Naming
01:28 - Analyzing Campaigns for Budget Adjustments and Efficiency
02:01 - Ad Group Management and Keyword Optimization
02:37 - Placement Strategy and Bid Adjustments
02:54 - Search Term Report Analysis for Negative Keywords
03:31 - Identifying Profitable Keywords and Campaign Duplication
03:43 - Launching Campaigns and Scaling Strategies
03:46 - Improving Click-Through and Conversion Rates
04:25 - Tactical Overview and Understanding the E-commerce Funnel

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