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Amazon FBA Fee Changes (2024) - How to Cope

March 03, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon FBA Fee Changes (2024) - How to Cope
Show Notes

• FBA Prep Fee Breakdown

• Fulfillment Fees Increase: Fulfillment fees for standard-size items have risen by an average of 5-8%, impacting the overall cost for sellers utilizing Amazon's fulfillment services.

• Long-Term Storage Fee Adjustments: Long-term storage fees have been adjusted, with the minimum storage duration for assessing fees reduced from 365 to 180 days. This change may impact sellers with slow-moving inventory.

• Storage Fee Changes: Storage fees have been restructured, incorporating a tiered pricing model based on the product's volume. Smaller items may experience increased storage costs.

• Removal Fee Updates: Removal order fees have been revised, affecting sellers who need to retrieve or dispose of their inventory from Amazon fulfillment centers.

• New Packaging and Prep Service Fees: Amazon FBA has introduced fees for optional packaging and prep services. Sellers opting for Amazon's services in these areas will now incur additional charges.

• Category-Specific Fee Adjustments: Fees for certain categories have been updated. Sellers in specific niches may experience changes in referral fees or other category-related charges.

• Returns Processing Fee Increase: The fee for processing customer returns has been increased, impacting sellers who frequently deal with product returns.

Stay ahead with the latest Amazon seller updates as Steven Pope dive into the 2024 fee changes impacting Amazon sellers. From increased fulfillment fees to revised storage and removal costs, learn how these adjustments will affect your Amazon business. This video provides a thorough analysis of all significant fee updates, including category-specific adjustments and new logistics challenges. Whether you're dealing with small items or managing a large inventory, discover strategic insights to navigate these changes effectively. Plus, get tips on optimizing your inventory performance and exploring Amazon's new services. For Amazon sellers seeking to maintain profitability and efficiency, this video is packed with critical information and strategies. Subscribe for more updates and insights into Amazon's evolving marketplace.

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