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Amazon Nerfing Coupon Shenanigans - Here's the Benefit to Sellers

March 04, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon Nerfing Coupon Shenanigans - Here's the Benefit to Sellers
Show Notes

Discover the latest changes to Amazon's coupon policies effective March 12th, 2024, and how it impacts sellers and buyers alike. In this video, Steven Pope breaks down the new pricing requirements for coupons, requiring a sales history and limiting the promotional price to certain parameters. This update aims to enhance the shopping experience by ensuring more genuine discount offers, affecting both new product launches and pricing strategies. Learn how to navigate these changes, the impact on conversion tactics, and alternative promotional methods like limited time deals. Plus, get insights into making your coupons more effective and standing out in a competitive marketplace. For more tips on Amazon selling strategies and to maximize your sales performance, subscribe and explore additional resources at My Amazon Guy.

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00:00 - Introduction to Amazon's New Coupon Requirements
00:14 - Overview of New Coupon Pricing Requirements
00:47 - Impact of Pricing Requirements on Coupon Eligibility
01:20 - Strategies for Launching New Products with Coupons
02:00 - How These Changes Benefit Buyers and Affect Sellers
02:26 - Exploring Specific Coupon Error Messages and Solutions
03:55 - Practical Example: Analyzing a Product Coupon on Amazon
05:08 - Price History Analysis and Its Impact on Coupon Validity
05:45 - Future of Coupons on Amazon After March 12th, 2024
06:39 - Alternatives to Coupons: Limited Time Deals and Best Seller Badges
07:01 - Closing Thoughts and Additional Resources

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