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Amazon's 2024 New Coupon Pricing Requirements Explained

March 05, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon's 2024 New Coupon Pricing Requirements Explained
Show Notes

Join Ben from My Amazon Guy as he discusses the latest changes to Amazon's coupon pricing requirements set to take effect on March 12, 2024. 

Learn about the updated minimum and maximum discount rates, the importance of sales history for coupon eligibility, and how the 'was price' is determined based on a 90-day median price paid by customers. 

Ben also provides a clear explanation on how to calculate the median price for your product's 'was price,' ensuring you can successfully navigate these new rules. Whether you're launching a new product or looking to apply coupons to existing products, this video offers valuable insights to help you adapt to Amazon's evolving marketplace. 

Don't miss out on these crucial updates that aim to enhance customer trust and improve the coupon experience on Amazon.

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00:00 - Introduction to Amazon Coupon Pricing Changes
00:08 - Overview of New Coupon Pricing Requirements Starting March 12, 2024
00:33 - Details on Minimum and Maximum Discount Requirements
00:41 - Sales History Requirement for Coupons
00:54 - Explanation of the "Was Price" Calculation
01:48 - How to Calculate the Median Price for "Was Price"
02:25 - Example Calculation of "Was Price" with Odd and Even Number of Prices
02:53 - Closing Remarks and Invitation for Feedback


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