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Why I Sold My Amazon Brand Age of Sage, Is Amazon FBA in 2024 Dead?

March 13, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Why I Sold My Amazon Brand Age of Sage, Is Amazon FBA in 2024 Dead?
Show Notes

Discover the journey of a seasoned Amazon seller and founder of My Amazon Guy, Steven Pope, as he navigates the highs and lows of running an Amazon brand. From investing in the Age of Sage brand, facing unexpected challenges, to ultimately deciding to sell, this video covers essential insights into product selection, logistics, and marketing strategies. Whether you're an aspiring seller or looking to improve your Amazon business, gain valuable lessons from someone who's experienced it all. Plus, explore the surprising shift back to retail arbitrage and the continuing success of running an Amazon agency.

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00:00 - Introduction to Selling Amazon Brand
00:35 - Reflections on Loss and Decision to Sell
01:02 - Launching Age of Sage Brand and Challenges
01:55 - Marketing Successes and Profit Margin Struggles
02:42 - Realizing Strengths and Weaknesses in Business
03:07 - Shift in Amazon Strategy and Product Challenges
04:20 - Decision to Focus on Agency and Sell Product Business
05:01 - Discussing Product Strategy and Warehouse Costs
05:37 - Zone of Genius: Marketing and Educational Content
06:02 - The Impact of Educational Content on Agency Success
07:01 - Insights on Amazon's Future and Logistics Importance
08:44 - Transition to Retail Arbitrage and Reflections on Past Advice
09:38 - Future Content Direction and Agency vs. Amazon Brand

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