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Amazon PPC AMA Live with Kevin Sanderson and Andy Craig - March 12

March 12, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon PPC AMA Live with Kevin Sanderson and Andy Craig - March 12
Show Notes

Gear up for an epic Amazon PPC AMA session with My Amazon Guy's VP of Marketing, Kevin Sanderson, joined by the advertising wizard Andy Craig, Founder of AdHabit.

Prepare to have your strategy playbook rewritten with game-changing insights.

Here's why this session is a game-changer:
↳ Capture groundbreaking tactics to supercharge your Amazon campaigns
↳ Learn from Kevin Sanderson's expert playbook on driving success
↳ Interactive Q&A with Amazon marketing royalty – bring your toughest questions!

This podcast is where true Amazon legends are made.

Save the date, prep your questions, and get ready to join the elite!

Step into the arena where Amazon marketing champions are forged!

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00:00 - Introduction to PPC Advertising on Amazon
10:29 - Introduction of Guest Expert Andy Craig from Ad Habit
11:27 - Importance of Being Proactive with Amazon Ads
12:01 - Interactive Session: Viewer Participation with Emojis
12:46 - Andy Craig Shares His Background in Amazon Advertising
17:13 - Turning Viewer Frowns Upside Down: Improving Ad Performance
18:12 - Q&A Session Begins: Tailoring PPC Campaigns for Success
19:00 - Addressing Budget Allocation for PPC Campaigns
20:27 - Optimizing Auto Campaigns: Splitting for Better Control
22:43 - Advertising Strategies for Repeat Purchase Products
24:53 - Budget Management and Prioritizing Campaigns Based on Performance
26:26 - Effective Budgeting for High and Low ACoS Campaigns
27:36 - Understanding ACOS and TACOS in Campaign Optimization
29:16 - Strategies for Handling High ACOS Campaigns
30:15 - Utilizing Negative Keywords and Dealing with Non-Converting Keywords
30:51 - Strategies for Setting Cost-Per-Acquisition Goals
32:49 - Tracking and Optimizing Amazon PPC Campaigns Effectively
35:46 - Managing Keywords for Optimal PPC Performance
37:45 - The Role of Category Targeting in Amazon PPC
38:43 - Keeping TACOS in Mind While Optimizing Campaigns
40:37 - Understanding the Stages of PPC: Launch, Grow, Maintain
43:55 - Key Metrics for Business Growth and Understanding Placement Modifiers
44:21 - Strategies for Bidding Competitively in Amazon PPC Auctions
47:16 - Category Targeting Strategies and Refinements
47:58 - Emphasis on Exact Match Product Targeting for New Sellers
48:25 - Key Metrics for Business Growth Beyond ACOS and ROAS
49:33 - Understanding Placement Modifiers for PPC Campaigns
50:47 - Strategies for Competitive Bidding in Amazon PPC
53:02 - Effectiveness of Expanded Product Targeting in Campaigns
54:06 - Resources for Learning Amazon PPC Strategies
55:06 - The Importance of Testing and Learning from PPC Campaigns
56:12 - Managing Expectations and Emotions in PPC Campaign Management
57:20 - Beware of Shiny Object Syndrome with New Amazon Features
57:57 - PPC Strategies for Launching Similar Products
59:05 - Budget Optimization and Allocation Among Different Sponsored Ad Types
1:00:01 - Setting and Understanding Budget Recommendations
1:01:08 - Importance of Bid Over Budget in Campaign Optimization
1:02:47 - Lack of Impressions for a Targeted Keyword and Possible Solutions
1:05:57 - Discussion on Negating Keywords in Auto Campaigns for Better Control

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