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My Amazon Guy's Final ASIN Review Live with John Aspinall - March 13

March 14, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
My Amazon Guy's Final ASIN Review Live with John Aspinall - March 13
Show Notes

Get ready to stop crying over your underperforming ASINs! Join John Aspinall as he whip your listings into shape.

Tired of watching your products gather digital dust? Fed up with sales as slow as a tortoise on a treadmill? John’s got the tough love your ASINs desperately need.

He’ll be dishing out live advice on how to:
↳ Catapult your ASINs out of obscurity and into the spotlight
↳ Snag sales strategies that actually stick
↳ Graduate from Amazon mediocrity to top-seller territory
↳ Strategically tweak your game for the win, not just a participation trophy

If you’re ready for some real talk and ready to see your numbers go up (for once), you can’t afford to miss this.

Transform your listings, transform your life – or at least your sales. See you there!

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00:00 - Introduction to the Final ARL Episode
10:05 - Announcement: Last ARL and Future Plans
11:19 - Transition to More Practical, Actionable Content
13:06 - Introduction to the Slack Cohort for Direct Engagement
14:05 - Recap of ARL's Impact and Upcoming Webinars
16:04 - Details on Upcoming AI Webinar for Product Optimization
17:00 - Using AI for Enhancing Product Listings and Images
18:20 - Joining the Slack Group for Exclusive Insights
19:40 - Live Product Review Session Begins
20:01 - Reviewing Nana Tumblr Product Listing
23:05 - Suggestions for Eyedrop Product Listing Enhancements
25:42 - Analyzing Drink Mix Product Listing for Improvements
26:17 - Demonstrating Product Listing Enhancements Using Design Tools
27:02 - Importance of Showcasing the Actual Product in Listings
29:07 - Emphasizing Product Origin for Increased Trust and Transparency
30:01 - Practical Canva Tips for Improving Product Visibility
32:04 - Strategies for Highlighting Product Quantity and Origin
35:29 - Transition to Reviewing Another Product Listing
35:55 - Review of Powder Drink Mix: Packaging and Marketing Suggestions
36:32 - Using Canva for Mockups: A Practical Demonstration
38:04 - Highlighting the Importance of Product Presentation
39:01 - Suggestion for Demonstrating Powder Mix in Use
40:00 - The Power of Before-and-After Images in Marketing
41:01 - Discussion on Packaging and Flavor Profiles
42:00 - Enhancing Visual Appeal with Canva for a Drink Mix Product
43:23 - Transition to Jewelry Product Review: Importance of Lifestyle Images
45:00 - SEO Tips for Jewelry Listings and the Value of A+ Content
47:10 - Review of Personalized Dog Tags: Highlighting Features Clearly
49:03 - Utilizing Brand Store Modules Effectively
50:53 - Review of Pet Food Mat: Emphasizing Size and Features
52:38 - How to Improve Pet Product Listings with Better Images and Descriptions
54:03 - Discussion on Knife Set Listing: Making the Product Stand Out
55:38 - Tips on Product Photography and Image Editing
56:30 - Canva Tutorial for Creating Mockups
57:19 - Emphasizing the Importance of Aspect Ratios and Visual Presentation
58:05 - Discussing the "Six Piece Set" and "Made in France" Elements
58:53 - Rationale Behind Specific Design Choices
59:58 - Finalizing the Mockup with Canva Enhancements
1:00:22 - Discussion on the Use of Photoshop vs. Canva
1:01:18 - Personal Anecdote about Providing Direction to Creative Teams
1:02:01 - Reviewing a Competitor's Product (Dog/Cat Food Mat)
1:03:50 - Suggestions for Improving the Competitor's Product Presentation
1:05:57 - Closing Remarks and Farewell to the Audience

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