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Exploring Amazon's Latest Inventory Management Features for Sellers

March 19, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Exploring Amazon's Latest Inventory Management Features for Sellers
Show Notes

Our Amazon Agency experts here at My Amazon Guy are always on the lookout for the latest updates in Seller Central Amazon in order to better manage our clients’ listings. 

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Explore the latest Amazon Manage All Inventory dashboard with Benjamin Loya from My Amazon Guy. This video walkthrough showcases the new experience Amazon launched, designed to enhance how sellers manage inventory, view sales performance, and access critical FBA inventory details with fewer clicks. Learn how to navigate the updated interface, utilize sorting features for better analysis, and make the most of direct access options for managing listings and images. Plus, discover how Amazon's recommendations can streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. Perfect for Amazon sellers looking to save time and optimize their Seller Central account management.

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00:00 - Introduction to New Amazon Inventory Management
00:07 - Overview of the Manage All Inventory Dashboard
00:25 - Exploring the New Experience Features
00:41 - Sorting and Sales Performance Insights
01:20 - FBA Inventory Details and Insights
01:47 - Enhancements in Listing Management and Editing
02:09 - Direct Access to Manage Images and Pricing
02:46 - Amazon's Recommendations and Next Steps
03:05 - Creating Shipments and Improving Efficiency
03:11 - Conclusion and Call to Action

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