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Stop Following Amazon Gurus Who Don't Share Mistakes - Here's My Top 3 FBA Mistakes

March 20, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Stop Following Amazon Gurus Who Don't Share Mistakes - Here's My Top 3 FBA Mistakes
Show Notes

Amazon "gurus" who share mistakes have more buy-in with their audiences.
Ask me how I know.

Every time I post my mistakes, I make more money.
I get paid to make mistakes? Yes.

When I started my agency it took off immediately. I had done consulting prior to the agency for 6 years. I was well primed to run an agency.

I also had immediate success selling my own products on Amazon. I made a few brands, and in my best year profited 250k in 2021 (just selling on Amazon).

As time went on, the agency took off (20-mil ARR now).

But the product business mistakes piled up.

I built more brands, and dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment.

I spent 27.5k a month on warehousing (stupidest Amazon mistake I've made).
And you thought the new FBA fees were bad?

I invented new manufacturing techniques for holsters. Problem was, no one bought my holsters.

I started a soap brand. I sold a million dollars in soap but I never broke the $20 price point so profits were peanuts.

My wine glasses stopped selling, I started selling tumblers. Problem was, margins shrunk and competition spiked. The killshot tho? Amazon banning parody tumblers on Black Friday.

I justified continuing selling on Amazon because every problem I ran into became content. Amazon yanked my listing? FU Amazon here's me troubleshooting for hours and fixing it.

I was able to make awesome A+ content and showoff what a brand could do. I could experiment with SEO and break every keyword convention just to show off what's possible.

It was great, and honestly the content stands up to today.

My passion through all of this has always remained the same: Education.

I am an educational company that happens to be selling on Amazon, that happens to be an agency.

And because of that, me sharing how I messed up is on brand. Me sharing my roadrash is part of the education process.

The mistakes I posted here aren't even the biggest ones I've made in business. The biggest one cost me 2-million dollars.

And that's exactly why you should hire me. Because I have Amazon roadrash. Because I will help you prevent the mistakes that cost me millions of dollars.

Or you could hire the guru who claims everything is going well...

P.S. Pic of Boracay - if Amazon is an island, you gotta go through that cave to find success. You can't just walk the beaches.


Discover the invaluable lessons learned from the highs and lows of selling on Amazon with Steven Pope, founder of My Amazon Guy. In this video, Steven shares his personal journey of transitioning from profitable sales to facing significant challenges due to Amazon's changing fees, category issues, and more. Learn from his mistakes in product selection, branding, and warehouse management to avoid common pitfalls and succeed in the competitive Amazon marketplace. Whether you're a new seller or looking to improve your current strategies, this video provides essential insights into navigating Amazon's complexities and thriving as a seller.

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