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Commoditized Products on Amazon? Stand Out with Branding!

March 22, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Commoditized Products on Amazon? Stand Out with Branding!
Show Notes

Struggling to compete on Amazon?  Many sellers rush into competing with hot-selling products without realizing they're commoditized. This video by John Aspinall of My Amazon Guy explains how to identify commoditized products and develop winning strategies to stand out  using branding. Learn why competing solely on price can be a race to the bottom. Discover effective tactics  to thrive in the  Amazon marketplace.

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00:00 - Introduction: Commoditized Products on Amazon
00:52 - Identifying Commoditized Products
01:35 - Standing Out with Branding for Commoditized Products
01:53 - Competing on Price with Commoditized Products (Not Recommended)
02:27 - Considering Costs Before Competing on Price
02:50 - Conclusion: Don't Blindly Compete on Price

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