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My Amazon Guy Friday Live Q&A with Noah Wickham

March 30, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
My Amazon Guy Friday Live Q&A with Noah Wickham
Show Notes

Stuck on an Amazon issue? Google not helping? Dive into our Friday Live Q&A with Noah Wickham! Get instant solutions, learn strategies that work, and network with fellow sellers. Transform your Amazon journey from frustrating to flourishing. Join us this Friday and elevate your Amazon game!

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00:00 - Music Countdown
05:41 - Opening Remarks & Introduction to Friday Q&A
10:01 - Perfect Product Launch Discussion
13:16 - Advertising Tools & Strategies to Improve Ranking
17:26 - Handling Amazon Revenue Queries for CPAs
18:42 - Dealing with Adult Flag Restrictions on Products
21:26 - Amazon's Approach to Low Stock & Sales Suppression
23:02 - Strategy for Selling Compatible Accessories
24:43 - Understanding Amazon's Search Volume Data
25:10 - Launching New Products: Keyword Strategy
26:26 - Navigating Medical Terms in Supplement Listings
27:39 - Best Practices for Backend Terms and Bullet Points
28:47 - Referral Fee Discount Queries
29:59 - Strategies to Grow Sales from 20 to 100 a Day
32:19 - Solving Permissions Issues for Amazon UK Clients
33:30 - Optimizing Phrase Match Campaigns for Specific Variations
35:28 - Addressing Primary Contact Verification for International Sellers
37:42 - Standing Out as a Premium Product Among Lower-Priced Competitors
40:30 - Utilizing Emojis in Product Titles: Pros and Cons
42:27 - Importance of Including a Description Alongside A+ Content
44:58 - Exploring Product Hunting Tools: Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout
47:03 - Managing Similar Items in a Single PPC Campaign
48:48 - Filling Backend Search Terms for Variation Listings
51:21 - Adjusting for Amazon's New Coupon Policy
54:56 - Discussion on the Importance of Reviews and How to Get Them
56:37 - Should Product Origin Be Highlighted in Titles?
58:13 - The Dos and Don'ts of Using Amazon's Vine Program
1:01:15 - Managing Multiple Amazon Accounts from the Same Household
1:02:52 - Software Recommendations for Inventory and Shipment Management
1:03:35 - When to Start Product Launch Pricing
1:04:15 - Optimizing Phrase Match Campaigns with Unique Low Impression Search Terms
1:06:06 - Tips on Product Hunting and Choosing Between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout
1:08:10 - Query on Adjusting Prices for New Coupon Policies
1:09:22 - Addressing Issues with Blurry Product Images on Amazon
1:11:05 - Internship Opportunities at My Amazon Guy
1:13:55 - The Pros and Cons of Using a 4:3 Format for Main Images
1:15:26 - Can You Request Amazon Search Term Refinements Without SAS Program?

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