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Will Amazon FBA Receive a Closed Shipment? Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

July 25, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Will Amazon FBA Receive a Closed Shipment? Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:14 If a listing is doing well, should we create a similar variation or copy of the listing
10:51 How to download a template file for a single product
11:44 What words need to avoid so that listing doesn't get flagged as pesticide
12:27 What's with Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
14:06 With the 2-month-old product, lost rank week after the Prime Day. PPC days for 20 days sales velocity is like old but no ranking
15:50 How to launch a unique product on Amazon, any strategies
18:16 Amazon automate pricing and under what situation to use it
19:45 How to prepare for the holiday season as a new seller
21:46 Launch a product with a low price then increase gradually, when and how much. How to price a new and unique product on Amazon
23:35 Will Amazon search algorithm lower your listing rank if your conversion rate drops
24:25 Any video for beginners related to shipping info. How to ship Amazon orders
25:45 Opinion on Amazon Global Shipping Services. Do you use/recommend it for Ocean or Air transport
26:05 Amazon has not accepted my submitted manufacturer (Chinese) invoices for lost shipments. Advice on how to do them for acceptance
26:49 Replaced the pink words with competitors 20-50 ranked words, but most of them are still pink a few days later. Should change them again with other words
27:41 Already selling a Vitamin (FBA) and a book (FBA). If I create a Virtual Bundle, does this new VB SKU (w/ combo image) need its own advertising, or will it show on Vitamin ads already running
29:30 Ordering my 2nd product in different material and color, would you advise separate listing or it should go in the same listing even with a different material
30:15 What would the cause be for being indexed for 750 sponsored keywords and only 250 organic
30:50 Advantage to have a very high IPI just need to be just above 450
31:29 Will Amazon receive a CLOSED shipment due to being created over 90days ago. Shipment auto-CLOSED while in transit. Max storage limit also decreased. shipment coming in is greater than the limit
32:24 How does the trajectory of trendy products (fidget spinners) and recently popits go on Amazon
33:19 Have to convince the team to spend $1000 for A+ content
35:16 Can you share any ROI sheet
36:41 Reconciled a shipment w/ Amazon, entire SPD lost. Provided all supplier invoices and Amazon is refusing to reimburse stating it's not acceptable by the Amazon policy
37:45 Do you recommend dynamic pricing to increase profit
39:07 Can you still use competitors brand names in your search terms field
39:56 Is it common for sales to fluctuate on a day-to-day basis
40:37 Opinion about Amazon Antitrust case
42:22 Should advertise both exact and phrase match together to rank a keyword while launching a product
42:44 About sending first product on Amazon. Already set up the listing, is there a way to preview what it looks like
43:30 Do I need to do something about this warning if I sell clothing: CPSC issued a notice of violation to Amazon & requiring the company to file monthly reports on the number of hazardous products in its inventory
44:05 What SEO strategies would you use for a business that is Q4/Holiday season heavy SKUs and poorly optimized listings to take advantage of the holiday season
44:59 Should Listing Quality Dashboard be impeccable
45:41 I missed some MF orders. Late is 15% 10days and 4.2% 30days. When does Amazon actually deactivate? Amazon target is 4%
46:20 About launching a product with college student target customers. Bringing products on the first day of school to give away. How to make the most out of all these giveaways to help launch
47:50 Main supplier was damaged by the recent flooding in Henan Province of China

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