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Treat Employees Better than Your Customers! Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

August 02, 2021
My Amazon Guy
Treat Employees Better than Your Customers! Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
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00:00 Intro
11:35 How long does it take for Amazon to re-index to possibly rank better when you update keywords and descriptions in an old listing
13:51 Bought a new candle holder design from a factory and made calculations to sell it for $30. 1 month before launch, found out someone launched the same product for $22 w/c is the break-even price
15:30 PPC CTR is 0.42, is that good or have to fix the image
16:07 How is your stage 3 SEO plan different for Vendor Central clients? 
17:34 If I am selling a $24 product, run my PPC always around 60% ACOS. Planning to raise my price to 29.99 should that reduce or increase my ACOS
20:09 How do you recommend finding more keywords to put in backend search terms when the vast majority of searched keywords have a brand name in them
21:28 On Helium10 is there a way to track list of ASIN's total # of organic KW month over month in a report
23:19 I have Helium10 in Cerebro Distribution and can see current organic KW #, how do I track this over time for all of my ASINs?
25:32 Can A+ content be copied by another seller
27:54 Is there a way to utilize unused closed shipment if I cannot print the pallet labels
28:18 Is there a way to have negative reviews that have been voted to the top of page 1 by competitors removed or pushed back down to page 2 or 3
29:51 I have an old seller account that I quit selling on and it went dormant and was deactivated. I would like to sell on Amazon again, but can't use my old account
30:15 Can we use your company for 1 month to fix all our PPC
32:07 If I want to sell my PL brand, which Amazon aggregator should I contact, most likely to offer a good deal
34:26 Will I still be able to sell a PL brand in 1-2 years from now
36:27 Of all the product variations, which does Amazon show on the listing
38:02 Is it possible to get rid of negative reviews that are not verified
39:26 How can we get the title of the listing changed if we were not the ones who created it
40:00 Does Unit Session Percentage Rate include PPC impressions
41:09 What is your take on moving the brand name to the middle or back of the title
42:35 Does a human being approve alt text? Ever had problems with the approval of alt text
42:58 How can we save money by choosing a 3PL warehouse in California instead of Texas
43:12 A bunch of my competitors got blacklisted on Amazon (fake review crackdowns)
43:58 We all want the best practice and fair pay for our staff and VAs. How to circle the square of questionable and disgraceful treatment of Amazon employees
48:12 How much does Amazon charge to send back returned inventory to me? And do they charge me a fee for letting the customer return it to Amazon
48:50 How long should I run automatic advertising to find the keywords
49:58 I'm launching my first product since becoming brand registered and am having trouble getting my product to link to my store
51:07 Had a customer return because he said it didn't arrive in time, even though it got there in 3days. Can we force them to pay for return shipping
51:43 In your stage 3 SEO, outside of seeing if ranked between 20 and 50 organic rank, what other factors do you consider to decide which 3 to 5 keywords to target first
53:21 I have products that have upgraded the color, 99% exactly the same. I want to replace photos, any danger in that
54:23 With the Delta variant, I am seeing an upswing with online purchasing, and a huge wait with sea ship. Coming into Q4, how do you see things panning out given macro anomalies we are seeing
57:31 Can I ask Amazon for inventory relocation
58:50 My Freight Forwarders is trying to make an appointment to ship my product from the port to the Amazon warehouse. When she types in the Ref ID it says invalid

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