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Ask any PPC Question with Michael Erickson of Ad Badger

August 07, 2021
My Amazon Guy
Ask any PPC Question with Michael Erickson of Ad Badger
Show Notes
There is nothing cooler than Michael Erickson and Ad Badger. Today he joins us for another round of PPC questions. 

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00:00 Intro
10:06 Introduction: Michael Erickson of Ad Badger
10:34 How did you choose the Badger as a spirit animal
13:45 What would you do with KW that are not converting well, but it's your main KW describing the product
15:56 How many search terms do Helium10 track? How often do they pull the data? What is their organic rank accuracy in your experience
17:33 Get 50% off 1 month with Helium10
17:41 How does product targeting campaigns help you rank
23:06 How to overcome restricted ads? It is a supplement in the weight loss category but my competitors continue to run ads? Should I strip down my listing to its bare essentials
24:02 Set up a 30cent auto campaign on all products. It's been killing it, my best campaign. Any smashing nugget you have seen like this?
28:38 I have been making a PPC funnels since year 1, but still there is also a separate school of thought which says there is no such thing like duplication. Thought
29:05 If our CTR is less than 1% and conversion is above 10%, would it help us rank? As poor CTR also deranks us
31:53 Do campaigns show different results in different zip codes? I've seen sponsored rank different in two different zip codes. Which zip code to consider
33:25 How accurate have Amazon suggested bids? How do predict PPC bid costs during research or launch
35:14 My COO asked me yesterday if we spent $20K in PPC for organic rank or $20K in influencers to drive external traffic to Amazon, what would help organic rank more
38:14 Should we add similar products in catch-all campaigns for 30cents? Or different products can be added to the same campaign
38:37 If I am generating a sale from 1 KW from exact match type, and I target the same KW in phrase match type w/o "negative exact" in the phrase, so would it hurt my ranking on that KW if I don't get sale
39:18 If I'm running manual exact KW campaigns, should I put those KW into negative in my automatic campaign
42:28 What is the best time frame to look back when optimizing
45:56 1 KW being targeted in exact, similar KW being targeted at phrase match with "Neg:exact" and in the broad match "Neg:Phrase" in this way we make funnel in order to save ourself from KW duplication?
47:43 If I manage several accounts, can I connect them all to Ad Badger software and what would the cost be a monthly or % of ad spend
49:12 I have been trying to rank my product for several KWs for a very long time now, and nothing seems to work, even when I have had many sales for these KWs on my campaigns, any tips?
49:58 I've been thinking about using Google ads for my listing on Amazon, does it work?
53:31 What's your take for a strategy to start working with very low PPC and make little increments? Since I have noticed that sometimes you improve a lot your ACOS
55:44 I have seen both of you post for job positions, what are the minimum requirements that you have for PPC positions? What courses should someone take to get a PPC position w/o years of experience
1:00:30 Targeting a KW in 1 campaign in exact match type w/ placement modifier TOS 100% and targeting the same KW in different campaign w/ product pages 100%. Is it the right approach
1:02:43 How do we operate in a product category with very high PPC bids and low average selling price
1:04:46 What do you think chances are for a new Amazon PPC agency on the market guys

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