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LIVE ASIN Review with Jason MastroMatteo

August 15, 2021
My Amazon Guy
LIVE ASIN Review with Jason MastroMatteo
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
09:59 Jason Mastromatteo - Guest Host
10:20 What's your option about product liability insurance
11:39 I have a pending USTPO Trademark wanted to add it to my existing EUIPO Trademark in Amazon BR
13:26 Can variations have different manufacturer recommended age
14:07 Can I connect my listing that has "Generic" brand name to my registered brand name
16:22 What are your thoughts on letting Helium10's Adtomatic automating PPC
17:02 A picture I need to replace does not show up in the upload/download area
18:53 What are your thoughts on letting larger "authorized sellers" use your unused inventory categories like oversized apparel
20:04 How do I increase the impression of video ads? I used the same 5 KWs from my exact campaign. 
20:57 What's your advice for Q4 inventory planning and sourcing
22:55 Have any tips on how to rank your items on certain keywords
23:45 I lost organic rank because of getting out of stock for one of my ASINs even after getting my sales velocity back for 1 month, the rank doesn't recover or improve at all
24:41 Do I have to register a GS1 UPC code for Brand Registry
26:21 Your Age of Sage product has topical products, do you have each product tested before taking it to market? What testing do you have done and who do you use
34:28 Need knowledge about Liquidation Amazon Business
35:49 When are long term storage feed charged
37:17 If you know you will be out of stock too long, can you get a new GS1 code (& ASIN) for the next order, new honeymoon period & start again
38:03 If I'm adding Spanish KW to my USA listing, should I also be adding English KW to my Mexico listing
38:55 I'm getting many clicks from PPC but my conversion rate is low at 5%, my listing is optimized
39:51 Does MAG recommend splitting brands into their own seller account and or new LLC, or is lumping various brands into 1 seller account is ok
40:52 What do you recommend, automatic or targeting campaign
42:14 I have an item w/c that is not brand registered in the UK. I'm trying to update the page content and I showed Amazon images of the packaging but they don't allow me to update
43:38 Are products under $15 buyable
45:14 Any recommendation or strategy to get our 1st review
47:00 Can we add more than 6 images if the 7th spot is reserved for video
48:16 ASIN REVIEW: B07QJ3835H
54:07 What can I do about others using my images to promote their similar products
55:03 How can I lower down ACOS
56:23 I'm about to launch 3 new products, can you explain a little bit about the "Honeymoon Period" 
58:43 Currently trying to add a product to the UK market, it is a bladed product and it is saying I need to be accepted for approval but aren't accepting applications
59:55 I've enrolled my product in Vine, where can I check if and how many customers have enrolled to receive free product and review
1:00:52 Can we optimize listing in wholesale FBA
1:02:53 What's the cost of MAG Full Service Amazon Management
1:12:58 What kind of documents do we need to provide if we are selling iPhone cable on our brand name
1:14:25 Is 30% sales from PPC at 10% less of your breakeven point, ok
1:15:00 Can you split up a registered brand into two seller accounts, branded products in both accounts
1:16:34 I applied to sell Mombella baby teether toy but mine are not Mombella, but same product
1:17:41 Is it common for US manufacturers not to let 3rd party inspectors in their factory and inspect the goods themselves by their QA dept
1:18:22 ASIN REVIEW: B093NP164L
1:27:50 We are selling Type C to Lightning Cable. I got a suspected intellectual notification and asking to send supporting docs

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