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Does My Amazon Category Matter? (No) Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

August 22, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Does My Amazon Category Matter? (No) Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:43 Why is it so hard to start a business
13:53 Do you have info on "Business Insurance Requirements" and changes in A to Z claims
15:34 How do I increase the impression of video ads
16:15 How do I make sure I get enough impression with sponsored product campaigns
17:47 What's considered to be the good conversion rate
19:57 Is it normal that the PPC conversion rate is way lower than the total one
23:40 How to fix an SKU what the Amazon catalog says is conflicting w/ data that is in the Amazon catalog
24:57 What arguments would you use to help convince a client to move from Vendor to Seller Central
27:15 What strategy do we take if we do not have enough inventory to send in for FBA based on the stats of products?
28:32 If a brand in Canada has a brand registry in Canada, can they add me as a user to the US BR or do they need to trademark their brand in the US and BR to be able to add me as a user
30:15 What strategy to use if want to launch new product w/ no inventory limit available
31:32 What reasons would you not be able to change a product category
31:16 How do you decide what product category to choose
33:18 Does having FBM inventory at 0 for some products have an effect on IPI score or any other metric
33:36 As a new seller, should we try to get into a category that is gated by one seller or drop into a diff category w/ multiple sellers
35:11 Should I include my self fulfilled SKU in my advertising and should I price my FBA and self-fulfilled differently
36:00 I'm having variation issues. My "window sticker" listing didn't allow variation so I changed the category to "bumper sticker". At creation, C variations are allowed but shortly after removed
37:41 Do we limit purchases to 1 item product until inventory can be replenished
38:51 Each time getting rejected on adding a new brand, doing brand registry will help
39:33 If I use a little different subcategory than similar products will it affect indexing
40:27 In my A+ content, what KW do you recommend for each picture panel. Do I add words that are not in my listing already
41:50 Any suggestions for my friend who leases office space and the utility bill is paid by the office complex. AMZ is requesting a utility bill proof with the friend's name, the account is suspended
42:56 Amazon is showing under the specifications of the images of the item w/c is incorrect, anyway, I can have it updated? It's before the bullet points. It's a new detail AMZ lately shows my listing on AMZ UK is not brand registered and I can't update the page
43:44 I made a mistake when setting up my first shipment and now I have a line in the shipping queue that I can't delete
43:59 It took a few tries to get the logo  the right size for A+ content, Now I have several of them loaded into the asset area but I can't delete the old logo
44:59 Toys listing: the requirement of submitting a test report of ASTM F963-17. Is it required for ALL toys or only those w/c come under "CPSC Regulated Products"
45:44 Today I received an email from Amazon: Congress recently introduced a package of regulatory legislative proposals targeted at a few large technology companies, including Amazon. 
47:12 How to add the same US ASIN on AMZ Canada, and will review will be migrated
48:27 I'm from the UK and just registered a brand on behalf of my business partner. But as I'm only a user of the ASC account, it's not linked to the brand
48:59 Eligibility or permission to sell on new marketplaces to grow sales
49:53 Is there something related my prices related to competitors and the PPC campaign algorithm that limits my sales
50:20 What's considered to be a good yearly ROI for AMZ business

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