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How Profitable Should I Be? Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

August 29, 2021
My Amazon Guy
How Profitable Should I Be? Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
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00:00 Intro
10:53 Brand registered in Canada added to BR in the USA, got registered agent access but I can't add A+ content, update pages
12:39 I added my US brand to BR in the UK. I see the brand added in the BR account but I can't add A+ content or update. I also added to BR in CA and it works
12:52 Anyway to get Amazon UK to update a page
12:29 Thoughts about Amazon global logistics
14:37 Did you enroll in Amazon launchpad for any of your customers. 
15:43 Good AMZ account annual ROI
16:20 What happens if TM works now and USPTO declines later
17:49 I changed a brand name recently but it's still pointing to the old store
18:18 In the A+ content manager, one of the SKU is not eligible for A+ content even though it's brand registered and has a storefront
19:13 Please review B08849V4NM - I have registered it under a wrong name
22:39 Sales dropped suddenly, what things do you check
24:24 CAn BR help w/ flat files for multiple ASINs to make changes to product category or page
26:32 Been trying to update my main image and even done it through a flat-file but it has not been updated
27:40 You can get names and addresses of purchaser info, what company provides that via API
28:15 With BR, do we leave the bar code on products shipped in or use the FNSKU code
30:02 How do know w/c port to select, custom agent, freight forwarder
30:58 I am 5 days shy of my 1st month of this product and already ranked organically for 1300 KWs and 250 sponsored KWs, already done pink word updates, what strategy to rank for the top 10
33:48 If I have a product ready to go to AMZ w/ 12 diff color variations, can I only list 6 of them to start and then add the other 6 later
34:35 You recommend "fast product photography" however their reply was something to the effect of "there would be no need for our service"
35:37 I went to create the case with BR but it shows the updated image. CtrlF5 didn't work
36:09 A company contacted us to be the distributor of our brand, is this a good idea to expand the brand
38:33 What happens if I hire MAG to change the brand name and turns out it can't be done
39:14 My listing is listed in Canada w/o my knowledge, how's this possible
41:16 Is it against TOS to use my own customer review photos for product images, also how about using customer quotes in the image
42:09 B08BQZ8BSC - what can be done to improve the listing
46:19 Bullets and description (correct in backend and in category listing report) but change not reflected on PDP. Have BR but no UPC(listed w/ GTIN exemption)
49:16 What will I need to send you to create my A+ content, also do you create a store
52:43 Does your agency creates the Copywrite to create a listing
53:02 Best way to appeal a false infringement claim made by a competitor
53:33 DO you use Amazon's Inventory Placement Service
53:55 Product has a price range of $6.99 US market, profit margins are 31%, what PPC strategy should I opt to get some profitable sales as I heard that PPC for products below $10 doesn't work
54:42 Product w/ relevant KWs w/ zero search volume but when checked on Amazon, it is showing 60%
55:07 Why do you need Canadian Trademark even though you said that trademarks work across borders for brand registration
55:28 On the product listing page above the A+ content, there is an area called Videos. I want to put my videos on there and on other competitor pages for free exposure, is there any risk doing using my buying account w/ the same email as my selling account
55:54 Do you have any tips on how to get approved for Project Zero
56:11 Any comments on selling on Amazon Brazil
56:33 How do you boost your mark as helpful votes on reviews

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