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Flat File Template Uploads & Restock LIMITS Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

September 05, 2021
My Amazon Guy
Flat File Template Uploads & Restock LIMITS Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
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00:00 Intro
00:24 Our restocking limit is getting worse. My sales have been constant, but our limit is now half of what it was 6mos ago
01:46 If we have to setup FBM, and do well w/ it, will AMZ see that and increase our FBA restocking limit
02:05 Does AMZ penalize us on the restocking limit if we historically had more than our allocation in the FBA Warehouse
02:28 I want to launch some new products but have maxed out and way over the restocking limit
02:50 Do you suggest we use AMZ Attribution
03:10 Amazon seller support won't update the image
03:59 I sell a low-cost sticker under my brand, someone jumped on my listing, how can I contact the seller personally
05:21 I have a variation page and AMZ's internally added a size "Pack of 3" I tried to update w/ upload file but it's still there
05:58 I have around 115k sales/mo and I pay 8k/mo for PPC. My ACOS last 30days is 20%
06:52 If I name my images w/ KWs before uploading to AMZ, will it help for ranking
07:02 On the West coast I consistently rank on page 1 for main KWs, but on the East coast, I'm on 3/4. This is happening after a suppression that was fixed
08:12 Do I have to coax AMZ to distribute my inventory evenly all over the USA, for Prime delivery and ranking purposes
08:58 I'm sole seller - 2 SKUs/ASIN, FBA & FBM. I list FBM when FBA is out but is it better to list both at the same time for more sales? Also, seem to get sales to Puerto Rico when I list FBM - No FBA to PR
10:07 Are you able to make a category change w/o approval of Brand Registry w/ a flat file template upload
10:24 When hiring your e.g. for Brand Name change, does your team require full access to my SC account for sending out tickets on my behalf
11:57 My product reviews are not getting migrated from one country marketplace to another. My Trademark is registered. I don't have a UPC as I can't really afford
13:08 I just joined MAG for 12months of full management service. I have a product that I believe is a 200k a month product
13:35 What's the best way of bundling/virtual binding if you only have 1 FBA SKU (we have a warehouse and can do MF) Out competitor has bundles of 3, 5, 9, 12
15:02 Can you recommend a comprehensive guide on template uploads
16:08 With restock limits in place, is there value in trying to get your IPI score up if it's over 500? What is the benefit? If we are under 500, how important is it to try to get a score over 500
16:40 Do inactive listings have an impact on restock limits
17:41 Any way to copy my USA A+ content to Amazon Canada or the UK
19:35 They say don't have all your eggs in 1 basket, I have a site also, but the huge volume on Amazon vs Web
21:05 Is there a way to remove an incorrect answer in the Q&A's on my listing
23:43 Is there a place to see my organic CTR, not from the ads but the organic one
27:02 Is the AMZ account 1/person/company? If a company gets the AMZ deactivated, then can another company by the same owner apply for it and how will LLC vs Corp make the difference
28:17 Do you have a service that will upload my listing via a flat file
29:27 I use flat files to manage content, is it ok to use the regular GUI to upload/change/manage images? Or always stick to the flat file
30:23 If you have variations (Colour), would you put different words in the listing? I.e. titles, bullet points, alt tags, etc? SEO and ranking benefits of doing this
31:10 In the old video you showed using Shipstation for sending orders from Walmart to AMZ FBA. But AMZ sometimes assigns tracking number of AMZ Logistics, w/c is not allowed by WM
32:00 We are brand registered, when I type in our brand name in the Amazon search window our competition is showing up next to us

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