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Thrasio - Would I buy Stock When it Goes Public? YES - Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Steven Pope

September 26, 2021
My Amazon Guy
Thrasio - Would I buy Stock When it Goes Public? YES - Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Steven Pope
Show Notes

00:00 INTRO
10:44 I found a 3PL that has seller fulfilled prime for their own brand they sell, can I have them fulfill for me and get the Prime badge
11:58 Someone hijacked my UK listing, changed the brand name/owner, made a complaint and now I'm barred from listing my item, and my FBA inventory will be destroyed
13:06 Do you repeat your Alt Text for different images in A+ content
14:26 I'd like to get a PO Box for my business, will the damaged FBA inventory be automatically sent for it, or will they still go to the old address? Do I need to report it to the gov't for my LLC status
15:15 You already did my BR and it's working great. Can I  start another brand under the same AMZ account, same bank account, and corporation as the first one
16:29 Can you create a video to go into detail on the latest request from AMZ "New product types and attributes for your listings"
18:03 Amazon states that EBC increases your sales by 5% on average, is that number accurate from your experience
19:10 Can I put a branded product into my product package as a supporting item
20:04 I have recently shipped to FBA 60 units, but AMZ only shows 40 units, product shipped 09/07, status still receiving
21:34 Do you have any video on sponsored video ads on AMZ
23:16 What to take into consideration if I want to sell candles on AMZ supply chain thing, not Amazon stuff
28:24 You're not a fan of coupons, why is this
30:37 What will be the best way to fix a false IP claim
32:00 Will AMZ make you pull inventory for Prop 65 violation
32:35 I have a customizable product, can I create a variation
33:24 What do you think about rebate giveaways and are they allowed by AMZ
34:13 Do you have a recommended 3PL that doesn't get overwhelmed during Q4
34:34 Will AMZ going to re-ask for ISO documentation again, I originally submitted this a few years ago
35:28 If you could go back to when you first opened your agency, what would you change, improve, focus more on
39:00 Are the tools like Helium10 partially responsible for the increase in advertising people sellers are able to more informed on how to compete effectively for the best KWs
39:27 Can you explain what happens in your "client survey" before the onboarding client call
41:44 Have you ever interviewed someone that specializes in how to use influencers and can recommend any particular software for finding influencers
43:59 Unable to add variations to my category (wrist & ankle weights) but all other listings have them
46:24 What's an average day look like for an account director w/ MAG
49:20 How do you gate your brand
50:35 Does the copy in the original product description still impact SEO once A+ content is inserted
51:04 Every night I go 4 organic ranks on the main KW, but during the day I go ran 40+
51:54 Created shipment for Monday in New Shipping Workflow. Printed shipment Labels 2 AMZ, but did not see where t print FNSKU Labels 4 products
53:18 We set activate date to Dec when do we change this once AMZ receives the product
55:30 Do you know of the seller rating score that AMZ uses for hierarchy editing attributes on the detail page
57:24 Is the best course of action to start fresh w/ a new brand (new TM, serial number) and then move all ASINs to the new brand
1:00:06 I sell supplements, ACOS is 20-30%, but TACOS are at 7%. Should I raise ACOS to raise TACOS? What % level do I need to raise my ACOS to get my TACOS to 15-20%
1:00:39 What's the average length a full-service client stays w/ you
1:01:40 After AMZ is refunding the client, where is my product going
1:02:24 Do you know if AMZ's replenishment recommendations take into consideration the transit time from 3PL to FBA

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