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Q4 2021 Amazon FBA Prep, Vine, Supply Chain, Prices, Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

October 03, 2021
My Amazon Guy
Q4 2021 Amazon FBA Prep, Vine, Supply Chain, Prices, Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:30 How's the Age of Sage soap project going
11:59 I went from indexing for 3,500 to 6,800 Kws in 6 weeks. Made some small tweaks to titles and pink words. 3 days later, H10 showed that I dropped indexing to 4,000 KWs
12:51 All my FBA products are 4 oz or less, do you think I should also make all these FBM for 4Q? If yes, raise the price by how much
15:11 Isn't it risky to do FBM for 4Q due to the long postal delays
15:54 How is your new launch jiving w/ your restock limit? Did your limit go up instantly when you launched a new product? How does a new item launch impact your restocking limit
17:14 Besides Adam Heist, who else do you follow in the Amazon YT space
20:18 Besides Traction, what other books have been seminal for you that can be helpful
22:55 Given you are growing so quickly, do you think an aggregator will ever acquire your company and have you just focus on their brands
24:02 Is there ever a time when you want to repeat back end KWs
24:16 Is there a way to see how many customers are placing repeat orders
24:50 Can I see how many customers are using Subscribe and Save
25:23 Can you wait until all your inventory is placed into inventory for purchasing by AMZ to start your "honeymoon" period
26:47 What is the best tool so you can see BSR a SERP page
27:00 If I have A+ content, what should I put in my product description fields
27:33 Wha fields beside the item SKU do you suggest filling out when using a flat file listing change, and can this file be used across multiple marketplaces
28:26 When performing an organic KW search using Cerebro, in many cases words it's telling me I index for in positions 20-50 and I cannot find it
28:59 I have a product that has a particular design but isn't converting well as my other products if I want to redesign the product, would you start a new listing or use the existing one and add the new design as a variation
30:24 Not sure how to get an "orderable GTIN" for case packed level when I try to convert from Seller fulfilled to Walmart fulfilled
31:34 I found that many of the KW in my organic 20-5 search has no clear relevance to my product
32:15 What would you suggest if an ASIN has far greater PPC sponsored words over organic KWs
32:59 Any suggestions to push through a brand name change
33:26 Do you recommend running PPC campaigns on exact search phrases that H10 shows that your product' is indexing for
34:06 Someone got their hands on some close out the inventory and listed it undercutting our price and killing our listing
34:40 Is AMZ asking you to lower your price based on  off-platform marketplaces common
35:24 You said earlier to someone "do you pay for daily KW ranking"
35:35 I listed one product before I was approved for Brand Registry, inventory is at AMZ waiting to be checked. 
36:18 I would like to use the A+ content grid to compare my product to two other products that do the same thing, but in a completely different way
37:00 Have you heard of UK sales dropping after Brexit
37:31 Just started w/ a company competing in 3 categories. Any recommendation on how to most effectively structure campaigns
38:52 If you raise prices  & competitors do not, does that hurt your listing
41:19 How do you add a subcategory to your main category through SC
41:47 Dropship items suppressed for price or inventory reasons
42:42 Any content suggestions for someone starting on Walmart
46:35 Does updating SKU will affect your ranking on metoo listing
46:45 I have a US TM and BR in the US. How do I then get BR in CA
48:03 Competitor copied our bullet points w/o any modifications and also use some of our images in the listing
48:24 What do you think of Amazon Live

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