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How to Measure My Amazon FBA Listing SEO & PPC - Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

October 10, 2021
My Amazon Guy
How to Measure My Amazon FBA Listing SEO & PPC - Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:27 When shipping in FBA, besides putting on the shipping labels on the outside box, should you include a copy in the box, in case the label gets ripped/removed
11:06 I received a product identified as/could be used as a real or replica gov, law enforcement, military badge. AMZ removed it, it's a small 11/2" veteran lapel pin
12:21 I'm looking to help a brand as  a wholesaler to improve their A+ content on a listing
14:01 I had an issue and was on  w/ the catalog team, my main image was not in white background
15:18 Ideal size to upload your product listings pics at
17:19 AMZ suppressing listings for hazmat and child protection certificates
18:27 How do I know if I need insurance for product liability
19:44 How can we get the "Holiday Gift Guide" badge
20:19 I got suspended on Walmart for shipping from FBA, any advice on how to appeal
20:58 When shipping FBM, do you recommend using AMZ postage or they are similar to ShipStation prices
21:20 For FBM do you recommend using small 3PL warehouses or rather big like Deliverr, etc
21:58 Anyway to change the thumbnail image on a variation listing
23:01 Feedback Button: "Tell us about a lower price"
24:30 If relaunching an FBA product, you recommend taking listing back to basics (2-word title, one-word bullet points). How long do you want before putting all the information back into the listing
26:06 For a mature product w/ high ACOS in an optimized auto PPC campaign is there any benefit to keeping the auto campaign running
27:00 I have heard the GS1 UK brands are the cheapest, can I purchase barcodes from GS1 UK and use them to sell on AMZ US
27:18 Are there any negative consequences to regularly (maybe once a month) updating/optimizing a listing
28:08 Made changes to a listing after being reported for IP violation. Removed TM term in the title+detail page. Still ranking well, but sales are down. Is this drop in sales due to changing the title or is AMZ punishing me for the IP violation
29:42 I launched a product w/ 3 variations. 2 sold out fast and 1 is slow selling. Will it hurt me to leave the bad performing ASIN attached as a variation, or should I separate it
31:26 The Amazon Powwow Miami: Amazon Sellers Conference
33:05 Sell-through rate for one variation is 1.4, should I run a promotion for that ASIN or I can ignore it because it doesn't affect my IPI at the moment
35:30 In the last 2 days, my PPC keeps spending but no sales at all. It's the same campaigns that were making 3-4 sales per day
36:06 I have a pet supplement listed under Dog Health Supplies, but it should really be listed under Dog Digestive Remedies
37:01 I want to improve a product's title w/ H10 suggested KWs. Will making this change have any short-term negative effect on the product stats or search
40:05 How do you find products to sell? What criteria do you evaluate the ones you find
42:43 When creating removal orders AMZ asked me to update Automated unfulfillable settings for "Refurbishment and Liquidations"
43:18 List price $32.99 w/ an offer $29.99, now I want to increase the price, should I just remove the offer or increase the list price and adjust the offer
43:48 I have a brand in the kitchen category and am interested in adding a completely different product (office supplies). Should I add the new product under the existing brand
45:09 I have a new item w/c had over 60 sales but doesn't show a category on-page and all items in the same category do show a category on a page
45:51 Limit dropped to 1000 while a shipment is on the way. Now utilization quantity 1240 including the shipment. What will happen when the shipment arrived at FC and what will happen to extra units

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