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How to Combat Inflation, COGs Going ⬆️, Amazon FBA Q&A with My Amazon Guy, Ask Any Question

November 01, 2021
My Amazon Guy
How to Combat Inflation, COGs Going ⬆️, Amazon FBA Q&A with My Amazon Guy, Ask Any Question
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
11:22 A+ content is down
12:01 My own Walmart account was suspended
12:37 Did you guys see my rant
12:59 Amazon Aggregators: Boosted
13:46 One of our clients, Casely - Voted as No.17 Fastest Growing Company
14:39 Restock Limits - FBA has caught up
17:27 My Amazon Guy is hiring
18:25 Would a good time raise price a few days prior to black Friday - the leave it raised till the New Year
19:27 Launched our 14th product a month ago. Enrolled in Vine but 0 claims. Zero views on product heavy ad cost. The product will flop w/o at least 1 positive review
21:23 Testimonial: We used MAG a year ago to help w/ a seller support nightmare. Your team resolved the problem in 72hours. Worth every penny. Thanks
21:35 What do you think about having one campaign w/ the same KW w/ Up & Down and another that is Down only
22:55 Been changing my pics. Can you please take a look and assess the order and relevance. ASIN: B09B4RSDMD
27:46 Where do you see in 3-5 years from now, AMZ 3rd party sellers be? Do you think it'll explode, or be much harder to sell
31:22 In the Brand Catalog Manager, we are listed in Office ProductsB09G4LSGQN, STUDIO ELEVE22, Office Products but in the Regular Catalog of AMZ we are in Arts Crafts & Sewing
34:03 In Ads Manager, how do you delete portfolios
34:53 For the verbiage in A+ content, do you have to use exact phrases, or just a word salad, to index
35:50 Any recommendations  for product insurance
36:35 What happens if you just straight up put in KWs or phrases in your A+ content and not even make them into cogent sentences
38:10 We are brand registered, have access to A+ but the brand baseboard section w/ analytics is missing
39:05 How did you grow and gain clients when you started your agency
44:11 Not seeing the new brand catalog manager like your recent video showed, do we need to ticket for access
44:28 Even if we have a lot of stock in AMZ FBA, do you suggest doing MF also till the new year
45:04 We can't connect/link our seller central to our brand registry
45:30 Given that AMZ recognizes plurals, is there any benefit to putting both words in your title or listing if each word has a high search volume
46:46 Other than Helium10, where do you go for product ideas
48:22 All the components of my product come from the US and CA. That being the case, do you still think ordering a year supply of inventory is necessary
48:55 Can you explain the AMZ vs Walmart graph
49:20 How do I set up to make sure the returned products are not going back to the inventory again
50:29 If AMZ lose my inventory, how do they decide on how much to reimburse
50:54 ASIN review: B082XGW8CJ
52:14 Do video ads usually have the highest ROAS for you
52:36 Do you have any supplement clients? If yes, what is their ad spend
54:32 Our DE account was suspended because we haven't successfully registered VAT number this July, and our US account was related to DE account and got suspended too
55:04 I can't add videos to my listings in France
1:01:06 What is a normal return rate for hair tool products like hair dryers or curling irons
1:01:30 I have my UPC in my logo on my product, can I send in inventory just like that or do I have to sticker it w/ the FNSKU
1:01:56 Who should I call to set up full service? Do your team handle the A+ photos and content if I send you products
1:02:35 Do I need my own personal documents ready such as a passport or bank statement for AMZ when opening multiple Seller Central Accounts w/ multiple LLCs in Wyoming
1:03:14 How do I get in touch w/ your company? And are you AMZ approved
1:04:04 I can't load up UPCs in our EU account because our UPCs are shared by both our EU and US accounts

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