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Welcome to My Amazon Guy's weekly show!

November 07, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Welcome to My Amazon Guy's weekly show!
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:39 Supply chain woes
11:49 How was the Powwow event
13:09 Launch a new product w/ my brand, how many units should I send in on the first shipment? Does the number of units play in how much exposure you get
15:00 How do I sell in CA and MX? Is it better to use NARF or send in my own inventory? Is there a NARF-like program for Europe
17:34 I'd like to get on the list for Editorial recommendations. How do I contact them
18:23 We are still waiting for our video ad to be approved. Is there a dashboard that documents the progress
19:12 Any way to force-fit a certain FBA warehouse when creating shipments, so our goods only go there
19:58 Do you own any AMZ stock
22:19 I sent into FBA a product that is a set of 4pcs and AMZ split some of it into single units. Is there any way to have AMZ ask all warehouses to repack it or I will have to make a removal order
23:32 What is the AMZ rule when shipping into FBA items that sell a set, do I just need to put a label "Do Not Separate"
23:41 How do we calculate organic conversion rate if the clicks in PPC are more than sessions in business reports
24:40 I have a shipment that was delivered to FBA more than 3 weeks ago and it's still not received. I asked AMZ to ask the FBA warehouse they say I need to wait 30 days. Anyway to email the FBA warehouse
25:43 We are going through a rebranding and have 4 ASINs under the old brand. Can we start moving these ASINs into the new brand name as soon as we have a serial number
26:57 Do we have to wait until products are manufactured w/ the new brand name and logo printed on the physical goods
27:27 We sell on AMZ and also on Walmart filling orders ourselves, great account metrics, until 10/7 the account was terminated w/ no ability to appeal
28:36 Would you recommend me to go (Powwow Event) if they make it again in the future? Was it a good content
29:24 My product has an expiration date. Each batch I send in has its own. How do I set up my ASIN/SKU to make sure AMZ sends out the oldest ones
30:08 If we sell out of product before 12/13, how do we handle listings to protect the score matrix?
30:58 AMZ sent an email this week about a new program, "Explore STAR" AMZ upstream storage
31:21 Have a product listed for over a year, but the UPC is wrong. AMZ says I can't change the UPC. If I create a new listing, I will lose all my reviews and rank. How do I change UPC
32:14 If I have a product currently w/ 2 color variations and at some point in the future I introduce a new color variation, does this new ASIN benefit from the honeymoon period
32:51 If I request access to Category Listing Report and download it, can I use this file to then upload any changes I want to make? Is the CLR the same as the inventory flat file
33:52 How do you handle products sold on a website that is on AMZ since they ship free after $25. Do we price  items higher to include shipping costs from AMZ if they do not but $25, not violate TOS
34:40 I have been trying to make updates for one of my accounts. I got his back from support, "The attribute you have requested updates on has already been claimed by another representative of the brand"
35:30 How do you transfer an ASIN from a #P that crated it back to the brand owner so they can make content updates
37:39 I have a 3PL and have created FBM listings. The 3PL said that I should create shipment and labels in Seller Central, is that correct? How do I do that & can it be automated? How do I calculate the postage cost to add to the unit price
39:04 Do you have a video on uploading flat-files

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