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PPC Q&A with Better AMS Destaney Wishon -AMA

November 15, 2021
My Amazon Guy
PPC Q&A with Better AMS Destaney Wishon -AMA
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Going LIVE with Amazon Experts Steven Pope & Destaney Wishon!

Destaney Wishon is the CEO and Co-founder of Better AMS

00:00 Intro
09:55 Introduction of Destaney Wishon
10:47 Why is Destaney Wishon a PPC expert
11:35 What does PPC stand for
12:12 Alexa shopping actions is  coming out January 2022, what are your thoughts on Pay Per Conversation and Alexa product placement
13:14 What do you think the dollar amount somebody should be spending on PPC before they test something like that
13:49 I had a client that cut off all advertising. A month later, their brand was much harder to find in search. Was that strictly because they stopped advertising
15:28 Can you talk briefly about Shoppable Tags and the impact that may have on a brand PPC
17:22 What are your "go to" advertising reports
18:22 I sell human and pet supplements. In general, is one ad type better than another? Sponsored Product vs Banner vs Display vs Video, also is it better to use targeting by individual KW or by category
22:36 I need to run AMS ads on behalf of a client's seller. The client is asking me if I can run ads w/o the seller giving me access to Seller Central
23:53 If I stop my AMS ads every night at 12 and switch it on again at 6am, will it impact my campaigns negatively in any way
25:38 How do you set up campaigns for variations? Separate campaign for each variation
27:28 How many KWs do you recommend per campaign? And should I group them based on search volume to get impressions
29:28 If my PPC budget runs out every day is it best to increase it? And also will AMZ definitely us up the PPC amount set out for the day
31:08 Would you raise campaigns budget during Black Friday if your profit margin is small
32:26 Speak more n CPC level tracking, tools, tabs
34:43 What's your KW targeting strategy for this holiday season? Branded vs generic, board vs phrase vs exact
36:22 I was wondering how you segment your campaigns. Do you segment on branded terms, KWs in the same CVR range, etc
38:28 I have clients w/ limited budget, he created many campaigns and the campaign budget is greater than the budget cap
39:30 Do you recommend pausing SP Ads once SKU ran out of stock. I noticed SP Ad was running when out of stock w/in stock future date
41:05 How efficiently target on high bid KWs
42:10 Can you give tips to creating a successful SBV campaign
43:28 What are your thoughts on running only single word  campaigns
45:54 I am planning to launch a new product as a new variation. Which SKU to promote through PPC for this launch? Old or New one or both variations
47:08 Do you put more weight on long-tail customer search terms in reports over specific KWs
50:19 Thoughts on PPC tool that would pull your desired organic/indexed rank and bid hourly to get you there than lower the bid once ranked in that position? Then if you fall start the process again
51:58 Is there a way to control or get clicks/impressions on the rest of the page placement
52:32 I'm testing a display campaign w/ the VCPM model and it's getting much more sales than when it ran w/ the regular CPC model. Is it taking credit from other ad types that I am running
53:51 If we have a limited budget for a product launch, how would you choose the KWs to start ranking for
55:03 What do you think is the best way to rank a product, using AMZ PPC
55:58 What's the effective type of campaign to rank KW
56:16 For converting KW, how fast can you increase bid w/o hurting performance
57:48 When creating a campaign, when would I want to use targeting by individual keywords vs targeting by category
58:35 Do you have a general campaign set for a newly launched product? For example, broad match, PAT competitors, etc.

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