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Ask FBA Beginner Guide Questions with Steven Pope, My Amazon Guy Q&A!

November 16, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Ask FBA Beginner Guide Questions with Steven Pope, My Amazon Guy Q&A!
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00:00 Intro
09:57 Today we are joined by Dan Pope, Sales Manager, My Amazon Guy
12:45 I have some Halloween inventory (500 units) w/c did not arrive in time and now it is not selling even after lowering the price
14:04 What is the best way to reply to a critical review? Are there chances that buyer delete a negative review if the seller gives a courtesy refund
14:54 I purchased some candy in bulk & authorized to sell. When I try to list w/ the UPC on the package, the UPC is used and reflects the same item but different quantities of pieces of candy
16:27 I have sent new stock w/c is still being processed and my listing shows in a stock future date. I added an FBM offer and it's active. When I go to my listing, it only shows my FBA offer
17:25 The first 5 words in a title index higher than the rest of the title, is that true
18:44 Having issues pushing listing changes, despite being brand registered, these listings were created from other sellers. A flat file saying there's conflict
20:41 Do you take on clients that have a completely new brand w/ no sales history
22:21 What's your bid size for auto-discovery campaigns for a product launch? Do you split the campaign for loose match
23:19 What is the benefit of creating a shipping plan from a US address (ship from) while the shipment is actually coming from China
24:18 How to prevent customers returned products back to my FBA inventory
25:49 How do you launch PPC campaigns? Do you launch all the campaigns at once? When do you launch PAT
27:47 I tried reimbursing units as your last video, but got the message: "Transaction ID XXX is an increase to your CUSTOMER_DAMAGED inventory and is not eligible for reimbursement per AMZ policy"
29:27 Please explain the products that need to be tested for certification
29:47 In the UK, we are being asked to provide required verification of our account (US-based) namely the Statutes (by-laws/articles of association). We uploaded our LLC incorporation documents but it keeps getting rejected
31:27 Can you please talk about the relationship between FBA inventory in the category of "available", "inbound" and "reserved." What do they mean and how long does it take typically to move in between
34:44 How long do you run your new campaigns on new launch items before you start optimizing them? Any good videos you can suggest on the optimization process
39:02 How do you run retargeting ads on AMZ? Also, can video ads run on CPC or just CPM
40:15 I'd like to own my AMZ customers but AMZ makes it impossible. How do you suggest getting customers' emails or addresses to build a client list
40:52 What is your target ACOS for newly launched campaigns
41:56 I but the legit UPC codes GS1 is that ok still to use on the candy that already has one
42:09 Can you please shed some light on why as a brand owner I don't have 100% buy box wins
43:13 I sold out my initial inventory and I'm out of stock on most key products. I plan on signing up for your services, is there a point to sign up why my products are not available
43:59 I'm about to launch on Monday so far I know that I should run 1 auto, 1 exact, phrase, and broad campaign. Do you recommend running any more than those 4
44:58 Do the Chinese have to deal w/ the same seller garbage that the USA sellers do
46:23 Is there a way to keep AMZ from selling my products
48:00 Can you go into more detail regarding why you think aggregators are the future and gone are the days of sourcing on Alibaba
50:37 Where do you find Pink KWs in SC
52:23 What are your thoughts on Quartile
53:26 My NARF Canada got shut down due to a suspected related account. Now AMZ is saying I have 30days to remove my NARF inventory or it'll be disposed of

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