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Top 5 ASIN Troubleshooting Hacks - Suppressions | Yanks | Suspensions

December 10, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Top 5 ASIN Troubleshooting Hacks - Suppressions | Yanks | Suspensions
Show Notes

If a product is search suppressed, you can see it by searching the ASIN on Then, it is possible that the ASIN is missing the browse node. SC ticketing solves the problem.

Remove medical, prohibited claims from the listing as well as A+ content. ( I used to forget to check A+)

 Bullet Points
 Search Terms
 A+ Content

Appeal: Product Condition Complaint - Used Sold as New
Read “Performance Notification” thoroughly.
Touch upon every point in it in your appeal.
Cite the Amazon policy regarding this in your submission as read.
Have to have an invoice.

00:00 Top 5 ASIN Troubleshooting Hacks
00:13 ASIN missing the browse node
01:04 Restricted Product Policy Violation
02:47 Product Condition Complain

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