My Amazon Guy

FBA Product Researchers BEWARE of this Data Bug - Ask Steven Pope Any Amazon Question

December 12, 2021
My Amazon Guy
FBA Product Researchers BEWARE of this Data Bug - Ask Steven Pope Any Amazon Question
Show Notes

00:00 Welcome to My Amazon Guy weekly Q&A
11:09 How do some of these Chinese companies sell items for so cheap
12:43 I like the information Sellics provides, but too expensive. Any other options? Is there a way to obtain campaign "benchmark"
14:52 I often get postcards that say leave a review for a refund or a free gift
16:07 My 3PL sent in the wrong box of products, what happens now? Will AMZ send out the products even though the FNSKU stickers will indicate a different product
17:02 Why aren't my KEP product features points not showing
17:30 How do you phrase in your ticket for a brand name change
19:02 What can I do to mitigate returns/bad reviews
20:45  Any ad types when we can target shoppers who bought our competitors' SKUs
22:20 The "current balance" field in the AMZ Seller App, is that with or without PPC spending
23:11 Helium10 X-ray is showing that a competitive SKU w/ a few variants all have about the same revenue. Is that review the total of all the variants or is each variant truly making about the same
27:37 I see some listings have multiple videos as their 7th image on their lists. How is that achieve
27:54 In a refund notice from AMZ, "initiated a refund in the amount of USD 1.01" Why would it be such a low amount of refund, when my product sells for $25. Another refund notice says the return reason is a general adjustment
28:52 Can you share w/ us your ACOS and TACOS for your Age of Sage best sellers
30:33 Can I add a virtual bundle SKU to a comparison table in A+ content  
31:43 What specific things do you focus on in year 2 planning w/ a client
32:59 Is it ok trying to upscale the product on another product's A+ content. It's a bundle for the main product
34:37 How to optimize Alt text in A+
36:09 Does AMZ consider unverified start rating/review valid
36:38 I don't think my product would be a good fit for vine, very niche. What's the best way to approach getting early reviews
37:29 Usine name brand name items in a bundle w/ your own private label item, any issues w/ using the brand names in the titles, bullets, backend
38:54 Launching soon, should I worry about competitors leaving negative reviews on my new product? What can I do to protect myself
39:46 Does not having a patent or TM sealed but only filed affect what an aggregator will pay for your company
40:03 How did you decide on what supplements & cough drop to buy on AMZ
40:55 What's the minimum profit margin for product to work with it
41:35 What should our strategy be for Christmas
43:56 What is your current view on using "gift" in title and listing in general
44:45 Can I get the full category listings to be sent to me in Excel instead of .txt
44:45 How do I join the community
45:24 Why aren't the features of my key product showing on my product page
45:43 Last week I had an AMZ Rep email me and ask if wanted more inventory space
46:18 AMZ removed our FBM possibly because of the low Valid Tracking Rate. 3 of 15 our tracking numbers were not recognized as correct by AMZ
46:35 What do you think is the best strategy to scale your business in the holiday season
47:39 When do you create a variation for a product and also a single listing. How can a vendor upload country-specific images
48:25 Newest updates you could share from AMZ, policy changes, black hat tactics now that used to be not, etc
49:33 Can I sell a branded product AMZ is already selling
49:50 An AMZ guru is promoting their "FB course group" to buy each other products to exchange reviews on their products, will they get shut down for this
50:28 If AMZ ask a customer to keep a product due to their mistake w/ shipping and slightly damaging the outer box, then refund that customer, will AMZ reimburse me, or have I l

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