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Welcome to My Amazon Guy's weekly Q&A!

December 17, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Welcome to My Amazon Guy's weekly Q&A!
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00:00 Welcome to My Amazon Guy's weekly Q&A!
09:54 Jason Mastromatteo stepping in for Steven Pope
10:23 Been trying to launch my products on AMZ but it is suppressed due to requiring approval to sell, but already got the approval to sell
12:43 I'm working with your MAG team on resurrecting our UK listing for 2 months now. It was hijacked, rebranded to their name (despite the fact we have a brand registry)
14:04 Will AMZ really destroy the products on the day it says it would
14:37 Do you have a recommendation for an app that tracks real-time FBA profits
15:06 For FBA, would AMZ ever pick and scan an item w/ an FNSKU label that doesn't belong to the bin
16:11 Any experience w/ kindle direct publishing or do you manage any clients w/ this
16:22 When uploading A+ content to ASINs, do I have to do it each child w/in a variation, or can I apply to the parent and content goes through the entire family
16:56 What do you use to create your thumbnail graphics for your videos
17:06 I have BR on a brand and one item has multiple pages of the same exact product. How can I merge them all together into 1 page
18:52 I have a brand that is BR and someone added his listing to my variation page and he changed the name of all pages to match his brand and he is also BR. How can I get AMZ to change back the name
19:48 We had someone running our AMZ store and she didn't register all our products. Our top selling products are registered to another person who puts them in the wrong categories and target audience
21:17 I tried to add a VA to my AMZ UK account and when I try to grant permissions, AMZ is asking to upload ID, can I give the same ID as my original account
22:00 Does it pay to use for AMZ CA and UK Payoneer to receive the AMZ payments instead of direct from AMZ
22:43 What is a good click-thru-rate % and conversion rate % for a sponsored brand video campaign aad in the supplement category
24:09 I'm having an IP infringement case against my top seller. I didn't get any email from AMZ about it at all. They denied our appeal twice.
26:47 You got me my TM BR months ago, super fast! How do I find the status if it is "stuck" or was denied
28:30 How does a brand become a sourcing partner for AMZ Brands
29:08 What's a good rate to pay a Philippines VA who will look after my whole AMZ account
29:42 I have already sent my gift set to AMZ today. For shower steamers, should I have added the expiry date on the outer gift box and the outer carton
30:50 Is 450 a low IPI score? What should I be aiming for
31:55 What to do with seasonal FBA items
32:26 What's the max number of products you went enter in a product targeting campaign? What's the max number of KWs you would enter for a manual campaign
33:06 PHase 2 of SEO (Matriculation) is a bit confusing when going over that, is it just removing KWs that don't work or removing pink words that are not being ranked
33:53 I have a product that is getting no love on AMZ, yet sells on other platforms
35:25 I have 100 products, all are linked to my brand except for one product, what is your checklist to debug why the product doesn't link to my brand, ASIN: B07BD4M5KZ
36:29 AMZ lost some of my inventory. Don't know how to provide what they are asking for
37:46 Should I allow Amazon to buy my products locally and sell them globally, is there any risk
38:43 How to check if my product is flagged as an adult product
41:54 I'm getting out of stock and local sourcing is not possible due to the peak of Q4
43:43 Does AMZ charge the credit card automatically for the PPC if there is not enough money in the account balance
44:00 I have a variation listing with 3 colors. I want to add a variation of different quantities. Do I have to use a flat-file for this

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