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Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Any Seller Central Question with Jason Mastromatteo

December 26, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Any Seller Central Question with Jason Mastromatteo
Show Notes

00:00 Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A
09:55 Jason Mastrometteo filling in for Steven Pope
10:12 Amazon GOOD NEWS!
11:20 Customer support says if I update the parent title it will appear the same for all of the children
12:27 Is there a way of finding what a competitor is spending on AMZ AdWords
14:00 How long do you have to sell at a higher price to qualify for the strikeout price
15:29 How do you do your planning for the new year? What factors do you consider for each client
16:45 Would you consider lightning deals for Jan - New Years' resolution-type products? How are you looking at promotions w/ restock limits post Christmas
17:35 I see that my product will not be the buy box featured offer when someone has a lower price anywhere on the internet. One exception seems to be eBay. Is eBay not scanned by AMZ for the lowest price
18:18 My ads for November show I got 1000 clicks but my total account in the business report says I had 780 page views only
18:56 I am not able to add any new variation as Amazon keeps giving category errors whereas the node is absolutely correct as per Browse Tree Guide
20:54 As a beginner, once you have an idea for a product, how would you go about validating if this is a product you want to pursue and sell on Amazon
23:11 If you were to start all over again, would you do Amazon right now. If yes, why? If not, why
24:11 What kind of realistic profit margins and growth would you expect in the first year? How about after 3 years
25:09 Amazon mislabeled some of my inventory and I had to create a removal order. Can I send back those products with the correct Amazon labeled stickers, or do I need to apply new stickers
25:29 In a nutshell, how did you get that new dog product (that Steven posted on Youtube) to rank so good in 30 days? outside traffic? PPC? Giveaways
26:35 If I have 5 variations of a product then if run PPC on parent ASIN, do all variations will rank
26:56 What if the difference between the AMZ vine program and AMZ early review program
28:51 Why we do keyword indexing
30:00 Text in A+ content indexed by amazon
30:51 What can I do if I get patent strike by my competitor
31:36 Is there any specific order a title must be in for SEO optimization
33:14 How should I give away the newly launched product and Does Helium CPR are 100% correct
34:22 Just started selling a couple of months ago so this is my first Christmas. I’m expecting that sales will be down on Christmas eve and Christmas. Is that accurate
35:44 What's the best way to create a Parent-Child listing? We sell clothing and always run into issues where Amazon separates child from Parent Listing again and again
37:11 ​Should I write 0 density keywords in the title? how many 0 title density keywords we can write in the title
37:21 What is the best Strategy nowadays for Inventory Planning
38:11 How can we Change our Category
40:26 Which one is better in terms of spending Ad budget, to have a wide range product portfolio or limited product portfolio
40:59 What to do if a product is patented
41:35 My PPC ACOS sometimes is going too high. What campaign would you recommend to turn off AUTO MANUAL
42:23 How to resolve PPC dashboard not synchronize with Sales Dashboard sales
43:21 how to know the remaining inventory of child listings(variations)
43:52 how many units we can send to FBA as a new seller
44:29 We have an FBM store with 18 sales for PPC while 5 sales only in the business report sales dashboard
45:15 Can we go rely on a 1-year-old supplier on Alibaba with 0 diamond
45:29 Why the bid is increased for the branded keywords in season(search is same as previous)

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