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Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Any Question with Jason Mastromatteo

January 02, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Any Question with Jason Mastromatteo
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00:00 Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A
09:56 It's Jason Mastromatteo stepping in for Steven Pope
10:22 What I need to do to optimize my auto campaign. ACOS was 40%, but is now 200%. Where should I start to optimize? Which report to look at?
11:23 How often should I optimize my PPC campaigns overall
11:44 Can you please walk us through your process of campaign optimization
12:26 Can anyone copy and sell my PL design on AMZ if it's not patented in USA? Doesn't brand registry take care of it as infringement even if it's not patent
14:53 My listing was marked as adult and can’t advertise. ASIN B09B4RSDMD
17:54 Customer receiving the wrong item. When they email through my website I refund them and send one MCF. I tried to test buy and they send me a wrong item. I already returned the item to AMZ for replacement, and the replacement is still a wrong item
19:50 Do you know w way to do a ASIN bulk upload for videos instead of adding them one by one
20:36 Years ago we had Amazon link two seller central accounts together (separate brands) to be accessed by one email address. Now support tells us it’s impossible to unlink them
22:06 ​I need to find a person or a company that can help me produce a professional Amazon Live. Split screens, text overlays, image inserts, etc.
23:55  I created a new parent and titled it Dinosaurs. Put my 3 dino gnomes in it. Does that parent title get any SEO juice? Should I replace Dinosaurs with a real title
24:36 I had a temp inventory increase so I created multiple shipment plans with ship date between Jan to June. I read that Amazon closes shipment after 90 days Does 90 days begin after ship date
25:46 I’m concerned that If the 90 days begins from the day I create shipment which was yesterday than will shipment I created with ship date after March be closed
26:09 What is the best niche for 2022
26:57 I have a new account with PPC naming associations that make no sense. I want to blow everything up and start new. What's the best practices for moving old PPC campaigns ( 50 plus keywords) to New campaigns (10 keywords per campaign Max)
29:09 So anyone can just copy the product and just put on brand name and sell same product in own listing
30:29 If I move some of my products from first brand registry to second brand registry on the same account will product reviews be effected? How will adding a second brand registry effect inventory limit
32:54 How to find product in UAE
33:47 DId everyone see advertising sales drop through 23rd Dec to 29th December
34:28 Creating a new listing under a specific category and amazon changed it to a different category. Couldn’t change it under edit listing as that option is grayed
36:00 Can you please tell me the difference between using Amazon Search Term - Search Frequency Rank & Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout - 30-day Search volume (exact)? The numbers are quite different
37:44 What are the strategies for those Products which has very low number of KWs
41:22 Can you give a small brief about AMZ dropshipping
44:06 Few days before, amazon stopped cutting the sold balance from my PPC and they stopped my ppc. So when I check my campaign manager, it says 'payment failure
45:08 What's a good ACOS for supplements
46:23 What should I add in backend search terms during 1st phase. Should I add highly relevant KWs & Spanish words then follow pink words technique at 2nd phase
50:30 If you have to launch a product, what will be yours in 2022

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