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LIVE Q&A: How to Master Images & AB Testing with PickFu

January 07, 2022
My Amazon Guy
LIVE Q&A: How to Master Images & AB Testing with PickFu
Show Notes
Anthony Cofrancesco of PickFu joins Steven Pope for a Live AMA! 
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00:00 How to Master Images & AB Testing with PickFu
10:00 Introduction of Anthony Cofrancesco
10:42 50% off!
10:55 Why people should run an A/B test
11:42 Sample of an A/B test
12:27 How could I use an A/B test to take my game to the next level
15:04 When doing AB test with PickFu for a potential product, Will other sellers/competitors see the results
15:59 Sample of A/B testing the angle of the image
16:51 ​How do you find your testers, pay your testers and can I target a specific audience such as Fishermen
17:56 Tear Down Thursday by Anthony
23:53 Is it possible to target price range on the adverting. In case customers filter price range then only my ad will show up
24:49 What is your top 2 or top 3 test you want to run on a listing or main image to make an improvement
26:13 How to run a PickFu test
29:19 How long have you been doing PickFu testing
29:30 How has the A/B testing game changed on Amazon n the last couple of years
34:20 ASIN REVIEW: B072F6QR84
48:48 ASIN REVIEW: B07MRJ25F9 with Live PickFu testing setup
1:11:35 PickFu test results for B07MRJ25F9 -
1:12:29 PickFu test results for B00V2CJJWA -

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