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Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Any Seller Central Question

January 10, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Any Seller Central Question
Show Notes

00:00 Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A
10:18 Updates on MAG website
10:45 MAG PPC Jobs
11:39 ASIN B09B4RFKZT, out of the adult category. They still won’t let me advertise, saying the campaign is not compliant with Amazon Advertising's guidelines
14:54 Recently seeing items showing up first in search with ''featured from our brands'' when it is clearly not amazons brand, for example, Hemp oil, how is that possible
16:26 If I delete my ASIN in the UK marketplace, will that delete my listing in the US marketplace for the same ASIN
17:29 How do I find every single KW and product targeting that I never used in a giant list? Which report will contain that
18:40 We have a lot of KW and product targeting. How do you make sure you don't duplicate them when I build new campaigns when I optimize
20:09 Is there a way to track w/c KWs and products a competitor is advertising on, and how much they are bidding? As well as their Ad spend to total sales ratio
22:24 How long should it take for increasing the indexing for organic KWs once we do the A+ and backend
23:41 What's one thing you're going to start, stop, continue doing in 2022 for your company
26:27 Is there any way you will recommend to structure the images on the detail page, main+lifestyle+infographic or it will depend on the category and a product
29:57 Is it possible to have reviews removed that are "Not a verified purchase"
31:30 Should you get design patents on new products? Do most sellers sell w/o patents
33:07 Do you create a new campaign every time you optimize PPC and throw all the profitable KWs/product targeting in them
33:57 Customer always orders our product “A” via FBA. Now ordered product “B” by mistake. Returned product “B” and indicated she received the wrong item. AMZ gave us an NCX hit
35:34 Sending a new product to AMZ in polybag no box, the product consists of several parts sold as Set (decoration paper for parties), So how Amazon will calculate FBA fees, storage fees for it
36:59 What is the best way to protect my NEW product idea and design from someone to copy it and sell it on AMZ. I already have a trademark for it
38:10​ If I will stop selling a variation of a product for a year is it better to "close" that ASIN or leave it in "inactive out of stock" status
38:37 Can H10 ask for reviews from customers just like jungle scout
38:53 Have you ever heard of Seller Support saying that they are not accepting applications when the category - backpacks - isn't gated or restricted
39:45 I am launching a new product in a seasonal KW like the Mother's day gift. What's your advice and how can I control my TACOS in order not to take away all the profits my profit margin is 40%
42:26 is AMZ all about good converting offer and proper ppc\seo push for traffic
43:10 Can we still put a customer satisfaction or full money back bullet point in our listing
44:14 Link for TM filing
44:24 What about the thickness/height, some units are thicker than others inside the polybag
46:10 Can I register for US brand registry using UK pending TM
46:49 What's the average conversion you expect to get when you launch a product w/ 0 reviews
47:34 W/c email address (domain) should I be using when filing for a TM, brand, or company domain
48:10 What can you do if suddenly your very first review is 3 stars or below
48:18 How can we find clients
48:49 Is it true to say that organic traffic converts better than PPC traffic
49:46 Should I do AMZ live videos from my AMZ influencer account or from my AMZ brand account
50:01 How do you deal w/ the PPC of low-profit margin products - like no space for a decent TACOS

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